Your Results


Our fantastic results team take care of sign-up, gridding, sign-on, lap-by-lap timing, results and results queries. They tirelessly work in all weathers and provide very quick and accurate results (where as we used to scribble everything down by hand on soggy bits of paper before days of arguments)!

See your results here

Obviously not everything in infallible and we know how important your own individual results to you are. So please get in touch if you spot something that you think is wrong by 18.00 on the Tuesday after each event. After this time we will submit the final results to British Cycling to get those important national rankings points. These are manually updated by British Cycling and they suggest they will publish them within 48 hours of submission if not sooner.

So to query a result go here  and then choose the “email any queries here” link. The link will also take you to all the latest results provided by Chris and the team as well as the series overall results. It also provides in depth analysis and is well worth investing some time in to truly understand where you gained or lost that crucial time.