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This is the website of the London Cyclo Cross Association (LCCA) which covers the south east area of England. Races and events are held in London, Surrey, Sussex and Kent.

For many years the LCCA and like so many other associations, has spent most of their time on their league events, but in modern times the growth of cyclo cross has meant that we now have to look beyond this one league and reflect the other events held under the auspices of the LCCA in our area.

Nonetheless the London and South East League remains our major focus. Go to the homepage for links to London Summer Cross, East Kent CX League and of course the London and South East League – Go there


What is the London South East Cyclo Cross League?

The CycleFit  London Cyclo-Cross League is run by the London Cyclo-Cross Association (LC-CA) and covers an area that includes London and the South East down to the coast..

We thank our new sponsor – Cyclefit

The season long event is based on:

Seniors/Women/Veterans/Vet 50+
Junior/Youth/Under 12/Under 10

Best 8 rounds to count. 50% rounded up to the whole number above, so that there cannot be two winners who have never met. If we lose a round for any reason  it will be down to best 7

How do I join?

In order to enter any London & SE League event you will first need to register as a member of LCCA (not required for U10 and U12 riders).

Mempership costs £10 and covers the cost of your race number and timing chip, which you must keep for the whole season (Replacements require re-registration). This charge pays for providing the electronic timing system, and pays for upgrades to this system.
Riders who are members of promoting clubs will receive a £3 refund.

There is no requirement for riders or clubs to affiliate separately as in previous years.

After 1st Dec the membership fee falls to £5 (and 1.50 refund).

Riders are strongly advised to enter in advance via, which will help you by minimising queuing time at event sign on, and also helps the chip timing team to generate event results more quickly.  We will still accept Entry ‘on the day’ at each venue, for an additional charge.

Please note that race entry for all cross events are subject to a £3 levy if you are not a member of British Cycling.

On-Line entry uses Rider HQ

Under 10s and Under 12s are ONLY eligible to enter events and sign on ‘on the day’ at each venue. The online process is not available for these categories

To enter an LCCA event and pay on line, use the following link.

Find the LCCA event that you want to enter in the Calendar and click the link.

If you are entering an LCCA event for the first time you will be asked to register with LCCA and pay a £10 registration fee. The registration fee assigns the rider a race number and an electronic tag, which riders should collect at the venue and which they keep for the series.

On the Registration screen, do not tick the box ‘Join someone else’, just press the join Button.

After you have registered, you will be taken to the Event Details Page.  Click enter to go to the race page.
Make sure that you enter the correct event according to your Year of Birth.

Age Cats
For the 2016-2017 season the following age categories will apply in BC cyclo-cross events (effective from 1st September 2015):

Make sure that you enter the correct event according to your Year of Birth.

Under 10 born in 2007 or later
Under 12 born in 2005 or later
Youth born 2001 to 2004
Youth – Under 16 born 2001 or 2002
Youth – Under 14 born 2003 or 2004
Junior born 1999 or 2000
Senior born 1998 or earlier
Under 23 born 1995 to 1998
Veteran born 1976 or earlier
Veteran 40-49 born 1967 to 1976
Vet 40 born 1972 to 1976
Vet 45 born 1967 to 1971
Veteran 50+ born 1966 or earlier
Vet 50 born 1962 to 1966
Vet 55 born 1957 to 1961
Vet 60 born 1952 to 1956
Vet 65 born 1947 to 1951
Vet 70+ born 1946 or earlier

Women born 2000 or earlier*

Categories in italics are only recognised in certain events.

*Races for Women are open to Junior, Under 23, Senior and Veteran Women.

And click the Continue Button.

Complete the Entry form with your contact details.  For BC Category, enter your LCCA rider category from the following:

Youth A (Birth 2001 or 2002 )
Youth B (Birth 2003 or 2004)
Veterans (Birth 1976 or earlier)
Veterans 50+ (Birth 1966 or earlier)
Senior Women (Birth 1998 or earlier)
Veteran Women (Birth 1976 or earlier)
Veteran 50+ Women (Birth 1966 or earlier)
Junior Women (Birth 1999-2000)
Junior Men (Birth 1999-2000)
Senior Men (Birth 1998 or earlier)

Online entries for each event and registration for the series will close at 18.00 on the Saturday afternoon before the event.

Riders who have entered On-Line will have a pre-printed sign-on sheet waiting for them. If they are newly registered, they can collect the number and tag allocated from sign-on. They then need to sign next to their name. That’s all there is to it, have a good race.

As per previous years, for riders to be included in LCCA rankings, they should either get their club to affiliate to LCCA or affiliate individually.  RiderHQ also supports on-line LCCA affiliation.

What if my club is based outside the London/SE area?

It doesn’t matter, any rider can join in.

How do I find out how I’m doing overall?

The results will be printed at this web site during the season along with the results of London ‘cross events.

How much does it cost?

In addition to a £10 registration fee-

Start times and fees per race.

Please note new start times for the 2016/17 season and the combining of the women and veteran men 50+ into one race and the veteran men 40+ into another.

category(ies) start time duration Online entry price On-the-day price
Race 1 U10 (boys and girls) 10:00 10 mins  EOL only £1
Race 2 U12 (boys and girls) 10:20 15 mins  EOL only £1
Race 3 Youth A (boys and girls)
Youth B (boys and girls)
10:50 30 mins £6 £7
Race 4 Vet 40 Men 11:50 40/45 mins £15 £20
Race 5 Women (all cats)
Vet 50 Men
13:05 40 mins £15 £20
Race 6 Junior Men
Senior Men
14:20 60 mins £9

Non British Cycling Members pay a £3 surcharge on top of entry. (not under 10/12)

All youth and senior riders must pay a £10 League registration fee at their first event.

Please note that race entry for all cross events for Juniors, Seniors, Vets and Women are subject to a small levy if you are not a member of British Cycling – click here to join

75p of the senior entry goes as a levy to the London League to improve the trophy fund and to develop ‘cross in London.

Are mountain bikes allowed

Yes, MTB bikes can be ridden in London and Sussex League events.

What are the points?


1. 100 points
2. 94
3. 90
4. 86
5. 83
6. 80
7. 78
8. 76
9. 74
10. 72
11. 70
12. 69

… and further reducing by 1 point per place down through the race field.

All other categories (vets, women etc.)
1. 50
2. 44
3. 40
4. 36
5. 33
6. 30
7. 28
8. 26
9. 24
10. 22
11. 20
12. 19

…and reducing by 1 point per place down through the race field.

Marshal points – riders (inc. commisaires) who miss a round to help promote an event will be given an average score for that event based on 3 events scored. (max of 3)

What is the point?

The top three win trophies, get their names in the cycling press and of course printed at this web site. Oh, and it’s fun.

How do I find out how I’m doing overall?

The results will be posted to this web site during the season along with the results of London ‘cross events.

Introduced in 2014/15

Equal prize money
Firstly there will be equal prize money for women in all categories.  1, 2 3 value of prize money with one prize for every 5 riders.  The number of prizes depends on the size of the field.

This includes U10g, U12g, U14g and U16g.


All races are gridded and this will be based on the best three race average. National ranked and ‘guest’ riders will be included at the commissaire’s discretion.

What’s Cyclo-cross?

One hour (30 minutes for youth and 15 and 10 minutes for under 12 and 10’s) of all out effort held over a course with variety of terrain to test your lungs and bike handling skills.

What many people comment upon is the good natured atmosphere that cyclo cross events are held in.

There is both online and entry on the day, if you are not a member of British Cycling you will pay a levy to compete with us (see above).