Round 5 Preview – Somerhill

Southborough & District Wheelers are very excited to bring ‘cross back to Somerhill for the third time. Ed Fraser, Glen Whittington and I have been working with the brilliant team at The Schools at Somerhill to bring you a brand new course and with the LCCA to give us an earlier date in the season in October (rather than December) – so there will be lots of mud, but maybe not quite as much as in previous years.

The course will feature all the favourite elements from previous years ‘Tullet’s Turret’, the ‘Drop Off of Doom’ and the ‘Off-camber switchbacks’ through the woods. We have taken out the most challenging climb – that most had to run in previous years and have four brand new feature that have never been used before. The first one is being designed by Glen and Ed – it is called ’Tron’, it will be a geometric feast of turns and changes of direction in a large flat (yes flat!) area. The second one is called ‘Acorns’ – which will run in a new wooded area which will contrast Tron completely – beautiful natural wide track with loads of line choices that will bring you out ready for the ”Drop Off of Doom’ at light speed! The final new area is called ‘Rollercoaster’ – I reckon you could work that one out, prepare to brace yourselves….

The start will be in same place as our last race in 2019, but the finish moves to the top of the tarmac climb. We have a double pits in a new place – easily accessible from the tarmac road. The u10/s u12’s course is all on new areas of the course – and has some fantastic switchbacks that will just be used on their course. Plus – Real Belgian Fries will be on site to supply tea, coffee, waffles and yes lots and lots of fries, with authentic Belgian sauces……..

The SDW Rocks Soundsystem will be back – to ensure we have the party atmosphere at Somerhill, that many will know from our Christmas races. My favourite feature at our race will always be ’Tullet’s Turret’ – our signature climb, which we named after local heroes Dan and Ben Tulett – who have always been very supportive and generous with their time for our young riders. It currently very rideable – lets see what the next two weeks of weather does!

It has been brilliant working with Ed, Glen and the SDW CX crew to refine, test and make the course what we think is our best yet – we hope you all enjoy it! Entry is open now here