Round 4 Preview – Crystal Palace

Crystal Palace has a special place in many racers hearts; the former World Champs venue makes for exciting racing in a thrilling backdrop. Here’s what Michael Hudson from Brixton CC has to say about it…

Brixton CC have made a few changes since 2019, mainly to allow us to share the public park more harmoniously with local dog walkers.However the overall feel of the course remains the same, with a combination of fast flowing turns and sections of the iconic summer road bike Crit circuit.

This year we are adding some new off-camber and single track sections. Our favourite part of the course is the full-gas start that uses the Crit course, then takes to the grass and dips down behind the palace bowl.

In the last edition the ground was very hard and fast so riders were riding Challenge Chicane tyres, however the shift to October could spell rain, making a Grifo a wiser choice.

Brixton is proud to be one of the most inclusive clubs in London, so we are just thrilled to get more people into cycling in any shape or form.

Fun fact: the 1973 cyclocross world championship was hosted at Crystal Palace!

Entry here;—Round-04