Round 2 Preview – Canada Heights

Charlie Codrington from Dulwich Paragon has stepped in to organise Round 2 of the Challenge Tires London and South-East Cyclo-Cross League with a fantastic venue near Swanley – on the 26th of September we’ll be racing at Canada Heights!

There have been lots of questions about what the racing will be like – so here’s some details from Charlie;

I heard a lot of myth and legend yesterday about Canada Heights, so what’s it all about? Canada Heights is just outside Swanley and is most famous as a motocross circuit but has hosted a series of CX events in the past, even in the distant past some LCCA ones. The site is huge, aside a hill with a fully-fledged sand MX course and series of trails winding through woodlands, it’s an organisers dream with loads of space, infinite car parking space and easily accessible to everyone – minutes away from the M20/M25 interchange and those without cars,

Swanley Station is a 15 mins ride away; it’s in Zone 8 and has 4 trains an hour on a Sunday! Enough of the travel guide, here’s some myth busting:

Myth one – ‘it’s all climbing’, err, not quite ALL climbing, I have included a single drag and to make this interesting have included some off camber, a few wiggles and a tunnel, but the real reward is a long flowing descent through the ‘orchard’.

Myth two – ‘it’s all sand’. The MX course is all sand, but I’m not that cruel, however do expect to encounter some sand.

Myth three – ‘it’s got dodgy descents’, it has and I wasn’t allowed to put them in. boo hiss boo.

And finally Myth four – ‘it’s a quagmire!’, unless it rains solidly all week, which it’s not forecast to do, I’m expecting the course to be fast and flowing, tough in places true, but rewarding nevertheless with sections to test and exhilarate everyone.

Charlie and his team have done a great job to get this up and running in such a short time – it’s actually a really classic London League course and we’re sure everyone’s going to love it! Entries here;—Round-02


Charlie also runs Hidden Tracks Cycling – series of full day training sessions throughout run by Charlie Codrington –