Team Champs Preview – Ardingly

It’s time for one last race folks and this one is for the love of ‘cross – time to commit to the rut!…

Crawley Wheelers are hosting the LCCA Team Champs and the Challenge Tires London and SE Prize Presentation on Sunday 13th February at Ardingly in East Sussex. Simon Lang the organiser explains more…

Unusually for Ardingly the course for the 2021/’22 LCCA Team Champs will feature a proper mix of surfaces and avoid the deep mud of the recent National Champs! Fast tarmac where drafting will be an advantage, twisty bits, two different types of “sand” school and a barn, where we’ll also present the season long Prizegiving!

From the start we loop in and out of the sand schools which feature a mix of mediums, a tight turn will then take you into the barn for another section of proper sand. Back outside we head for some tight twist technical turns before heading back around to the barn – then a longer wide section before the last tight turn and a fast sprint to the finish line. A small pit will be at the end of the finish straight before once again heading back to the start line.

The course for the U12s race will feature all the fun bits and bypass most of the tarmac! During 1st practice there will be diversion signs in place for the U12s to follow for their shortened course.

The will be a small PIT area inside the barn, but with ZERO mud it should be just like the recent World CX Championships rather than the British Nationals and we don’t really see a need for a spare bike…maybe one per team?

Entry to the show ground should be via the North Gate where there is plenty of free parking.  Please just be careful and considerate about where you park.  Members of the public and their dogs also use this area. Follow the signs and flags to the large Abergavenny barn to find sign on.

Each team captain must collect their team’s helmet stickers from sign-on inside the barn. There will be FOUR start pens marked out on the tarmac and at the start of each race, riders should line up in the pen dictated by their helmet number. NO CHEATING! Its up to you if you put your best riders first and let them fight for the race win, or move them back in the order in the hope of getting a better team score – first 3 riders home count.

In the Overall League Prize Presentations we are giving prizes to the top 5 in every category, if you don’t already know please check the results page to confirm your season long overall position.

The organisers of the races this season and our sponsors, Challenge Tires, have been most generous and have provided funds to the overall League Prize pot. To make this a little easier to manage we have turned the cash into “onthehighstreet” vouchers which can be used to buy whatever you choose from the brands they work with. The top 3 in each category will also receive a trophy and a pair of Challenge Limus Tires worth over £120, and there will be a few bonus extras thrown in along the way.

We usually have a large room to present all the race day prizes and your overall league prizes after the last race of the day, however due to Covid we felt that it would not be ideal having 300+ people gathered indoors for an hour or two. So will be hosting them in the Abergavenny Building in between and after racing on the day! This is basically outside and will split the presentations into two – Youth (U14/U16) and Under 12/10/8 will have there prizegiving at 11:45. Junior, Senior and Vet 40/50/60+ will be at 15:45.

Both presentations will feature the prizes for the Team Champs too. For full rules and regs and info please read our Team Champs page here;

Hot and cold food and drinks will be on site all day. A great fun day out on a very unique course. We would love to see you racing at the event – be aware that entries CLOSE ON SUNDAY 6th February. So please enter, have a fun last race and enjoy the prize presentations and your time on the podium.

If you’re unable to race it would still be really great to see you collecting your prizes – full podiums give us a chance to show off your hard work and make a big difference to your fellow racers.

Here’s a link to the sign-up…—Team-Champs&source=website-ems

PLEASE NOTE – Entries will be automatically accepted once there are FOUR rides with the SAME TEAM NAME. It is however possible to enter as a team of three but you MUST EMAIL us to let us know if this is the case – if you only have one, two or three riders and we don’t hear from you your entry will not be accepted and you won’t be able to race so please email us well ahead of Sunday!

Edit and pictures by Glen Whittington