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Cyclefit London and South East Cyclo Cross League.

Huge thanks to our sponsor for supporting the league and because they are premium sponsors and it would be well worth you getting in touch.

Cyclefit –


Since 2001 CYCEFIT have fitted thousands of cyclists on all types of bikes, from World Champions with knee pain to old ladies with back pain; on the latest and greatest time trial machines to Penny Farthings . They have helped riders with hip replacements and prosthetic limbs nothing has daunted them and this experience over the years has developed their bike fitting skills and lead them to realise how complex the human body is.

CYCLEFIT work with the country’s best medical practitioners and the world’s best frame builders and bike fitters processing all the information and applying their knowledge by osmosis to a bike fitting.

The story of CYCLEFIT is about two men – Julian Wall & Philip Cavell. Theirs is a story of two journeymen club racers, united in mediocre talent but also an appetite for bike racing in all its forms – road-racing, crits, cyclo-x and competing on the NPS mountain bike series – they do it all. Until they both get injured in the mid 1990’s and then it all stops. Julian injured his knee and Phil his back. Both go through endless rounds of hospitals and physios in their quest to get fixed and get back racing again.

Jules was the first to posit the theory that it was actually their pre-injury bike positions that were now causing adverse physiological effects on their post-injury bodies. Eureka.

Cyclefit devotes more space and resources to bike fitting than any other shop in Europe because we know how important bike fitting is to the enjoyment of your sport and in building the perfect custom bicycle.

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