KinesisUK London and South East Cyclo Cross League

The KinesisUK London Cyclo-Cross League is run by the London Cyclo-Cross Association (LC-CA) and covers an area that includes London, Kent, Surrey and Sussex.

We thank our sponsor for this season – KinesisUK

Who are the LCCA?

This is the website of the London Cyclo Cross Association (LCCA) which covers the south east area of England. Races and events are held in London, Surrey, Sussex and Kent.

The LCCA is responsible for all cyclo cross events held under the auspices of British Cycling and these events include the London Summer Cyclo-Cross League, East Kent CX League and of course the KinesisUK London and South East League.

Additionally, there are stand-alone events such as the New Year Madison Cross. Each event has to be held in accordance with British Cycling Cyclo Cross rules and regulations and the LCCA is responsible to provide officials to oversee each event.

The LCCA has a committee to manage different tasks.

The committee…..

  • Chair: Stuart McGhee
  • Secretary: Richard Hemsley
  • Treasurer: Jonathan Goodge
  • Calendar co-ordinators: Stuart McGhee & Richard Hemsley
  • Gridding & Ranking co-ordinator: Chris Clague
  • Sussex League co-ordinator: Tim and Lynsey Larkin
  • East Kent League co-ordinator: Robert Kingsland
  • Results & Timing System Officer: Chris Clauge
  • Technical officers: Stuart McGhee & Richard Hemsley
  • Publicity Officers: Stuart McGhee & Glen Whittington
  • Women’s representative: Caroline Reuter

We host an AGM once a year usually in February or March in a central location once the season has ended and all are welcome to attend. This is your opportunity to shape how the league is run. We advertise the AGM about a month before meeting

You will see many of the committee either organising, commissairrng, Judging and even sometimes racing, so please say hello as we are all only too happy to talk.

The season long LDN and SE League is based on the following categories for both Male and Female riders:

  • Under 10
  • Under 12
  • Under 14
  • Under 16
  • Juniors
  • Under 23
  • Seniors
  • Vet 40
  • Vet 50
  • Vet 60 

There are 13 rounds in total and your best 8 rounds to count. 50% rounded up to the whole number above, so that there cannot be two winners who have never met. If we lose a round for any reason it will be down to best 7 rounds.

What are the points?

Seniors and Veteran men 40/50
1. 100 points
2. 94
3. 90
4. 86
5. 83
6. 80
7. 78
8. 76
9. 74
10. 72
11. 70
12. 69

…..and further reducing by 1 point per place down through the race field.

All other categories (Vet 60+, Women, Juniors, Under 14/16 and Under 10/12)

  1. 50
  2. 44
  3. 40
  4. 36
  5. 33
  6. 30
  7. 28
  8. 26
  9. 24
  10. 22
  11. 20
  12. 19

..…and reducing by 1 point per place down through the race field.

In the event of a tie-on points we follow the count-back process as detailed below.

1.  Most Wins
2.  Best results (2nd, 3rds etc)
3.  Head to heads from all league events

After each race the series standing will be updated so you can follow how you are doing.

Our Sponsors KinesisUK have supplied some fantastic prizes to go with the trophies for the overall winners, the presentation will be hosted at the Team Championship in February 2020.

How do I join?

All riders are required to purchase a number to race in the KinesisUK London and South East Cyclo Cross League. This number also covers entry into the Sussex League.

It costs £10 for all categories. This covers the cost of your jersey and bike fitted race numbers with a timing chip, which you need to keep for the whole season. If you lose these, you will need to buy another.

The number fee pays for providing the number pack, the electronic timing system, upgrades and maintenance.

Riders with two (or more) bikes will need to purchase additional bike mounted numbers at £5 each. These will be available both online and on the day. Please note that British Cycling Rules state that for Under 10/12 categories, no equipment pits will be provided, so these riders will not have the option to purchase a 2nd bike race number.

Riders are strongly advised to enter in advance via the British Cycling Website, which will help you by minimising queuing time at event sign on, and also helps the chip timing team to generate event results more quickly as not required to manually upload rider details.

We will still accept entry on-the-day at each venue, for an additional charge as detailed in “Age Cats” table below.

New for this season we will be taking card payments at sign on.

Please note – that race entry for all Cyclo Cross events are subject to a levy if you are not a British Cycling Race Bronze/Silver/Gold member.

  • Free for all riders in the Under 10, Under 12, Under 14 and Under 16 categories.
  • £3 for Juniors, Under 23, Senior and Vets 40/50/60

Unfortunately the British Cycling website will not take this single day licence levy from you in the online basket, however this levy will be picked up that required to be paid at the sign on desk and you will be asked to pay for it there.

If you are under 18 and not a British Cycling member, you will be asked to complete a parental consent form on the day that is required to be signed by your parent or guardian.

More details on British Cycling Membership in the FAQ section at the bottom of the section.

Enter at British Cycling website

To enter an event and pay online, follow the “entry now” links on the calendar page.

Online entries for each event and registration for the series will close at 18.00 on the Friday before the event for races on Sundays and 18.00 on Thursday for events on Saturdays. 

Age Cats

For the 2019-20  season the following age categories will apply in British Cycling Cyclo-cross events (effective from 1st September 2019):

Make sure that you enter the correct event according to your Year of Birth.

Year of birthCategoryMaleFemaleOn-the-day entry feeOnline entry fee
2010 or laterUnder 10U10 MU10 F£3.50£2.50
2008-09Under 12U12 MU12 F£3.50£2.50
2006-07Under 14YB MYB F£9.00£7.50
2004-05Under 16YA MYA F£9.00£7.50
2002-03JuniorJUN MJUN F£12.00£10.50
1998-2001Under 23U23 MU23 F£21.50£16.50
1980 - 1997SeniorSen MSen F£21.50£16.50
1970 -1979
Veteran 40V40 MV40 F£21.50£16.50
1960-1969Veteran 50V50 MV50 F£21.50£16.50
1959 or earlierVeteran 60+V60 MV60 F£21.50£16.50

Race start times, duration and Sign on and Prize Presentation timings

Please note that Round 6 at Herne Hill and Round 7 at Preston Park have different race schedule timings as we are trialling a new format by introducing a women only race. The Race timings for these races are detailed in the events page on the British Cycling website under the “about” tab.

 Race startRace finishRace timePrize Presentation Sign on start timeSign on close
Under 1010.0010.1010mins11.409.009.50
Under 10 Boy
Under 10 Girl
Under 1210.2010.3515mins11.409.0010.10
Under 12 Boy
Under 12 Girl
Under 14 Boy
Under 14 Girl
Under 16 Boy
Under 16 Girl
Vet 40 & Junior male11.5012.3545 mins12.5510.4011.40
Junior Men11.50
Vet 40 Men11.50
Vet 50 & all Women13.0513.4540 mins14.3010.4012.55
Women Senior and U2313.05
Women Junior13.05
Women Vet 4013.05
Women Vet 5013.05
Vet 50 and 60 Men13.07
Senior Men14.1515.1560 mins15.3010.4014.05
Under 23 and Senior Men

Sign on

Please keep to the allocated times that sign on is open for your categories. Whilst we have developed some fast track self service sign on process there are still quite a few riders that need to sign to race and to speed this up it is quicker and easier to sign on riders as per race order. 

Prizes and Presentation

We offer equal prize money and depth of prizes for both male and female categories. Prizes will be presented at each race as follows –

Under 10 – Top 3

Under 12 – Top 3

Under 14 – Top 3

Under 16 – Top 3

Junior – Top 3

Under 23/Senior – Top 5

Vet 40 – Top 5

Vet 50 and Vet 60 – Top 3

Please note that whilst we offer overall League prizes and the end of the season for Under 23 and Vet 60+ riders, there will not be prizes for those categories at each race, they will be a combined Under 23/Senior and Vet 50/60.

Podiums will be set up usually close to either sign on the finish line, we do try to keep to the times advertised above.


We grid riders at the start of each race, the commissaire will blow their whistle to indicate that gridding is about to start.

Chris Clague our gridding expert explains Gridding – the ‘how it works’ thread

Prologue (you can skip this bit):

The aim of the gridding system is to place the rider where we think they will finish for reasons of safety. Theoretically this makes for a dull race, but you guys constantly prove otherwise.

The system is blind and dumb, it does not know that 5 years ago you were a national champion, you’ve still gotta prove it to earn it.

It is without bias and does not understand ‘sporting reasons’.

Commissaires sometimes understand sporting reasons and may move riders accordingly – this is why we close entries on a Friday night, so we can produce the grids and if the chief Comm decides that someone needs to be moved they can be.

How it works (read this):

Please note that all rankings are within your starting grid, not your race category – so all senior women and above are ranked together regardless of age for example.

We take your results for the last rolling season. That is, at each round we drop the one prior to it from last year. If you won round 2 last year it is now gone.

We take your best 3 results and average them out. This means that those riders who only race a few times each season are not penalised. It also means if you have the odd howler, we’re polite enough to ignore it. Likewise, mechanicals etc. Please run with your bike to the finish to receive the warm applause of your comrades safe in the knowledge that it won’t affect your grid for next week.

In the event of 2 riders having the same average score we will place them in the order they finished in the league last season. This is the only point at which your season ranking plays any part.

The complicated bit:

We’re all getting old. For some (the youth and under, predominantly) this is a good thing. For the rest of us, it sucks a little bit.

The blind and dumb gridding system has no sympathy for old father time, so we apply what is technically known as a fudge factor for those riders moving categories. The numbers were plucked from thin air and debated by committee. It goes like this:

U10 -> U12 -20%

U12 -> Youth -20%

Youth -> Senior -20%

Senior M -> Vet 40M +20%

Vet 40M -> Vet 50M +20%

All senior women retain their unweighted ranking when moving through the vet ranks as they all start together. Junior riders are treated as senior for gridding purposes.

This means that a youth rider who wins everything will not necessarily start their first senior race from the front as their last season’s results are weighted by -20%. In theory a senior male rider progressing to V40 would get a 20% boost. However, this does not mean they will get a head start if their weighted figure comes out at 120%. Sometimes life just doesn’t work like that.

How it’s all applied:

We rank all known riders, then when you pre-enter we compare that list with the 1168 riders we currently have results for and put you in order based on the above. This is why it’s *really* important that you give us correct information. Using a nickname given by your mates when you were at school is hilarious but it’s unlikely to get you gridded correctly however great the backstory. Likewise, we always try and match on licence number if possible, but if you enter the same number for all your family and friends it may (illegally) earn you a raceday discount, but we can’t use it to match any of you and I don’t really want to think about the insurance angle if you have a crash. Those BC levies are for a reason.

If you got this far, well done!

Notes on gridding

Only pre-entered riders will be gridded.

If you believe that you should be brought forward, then you must talk to the commissaire’s BEFORE they begin gridding. But please note the commissaire decision is final.


Cyclo Cross FAQ’S

What’s Cyclo-cross?

It’s an all-out effort held over a course with variety of terrain to test your lungs and bike handling skills. Courses are usually 2.5/3.5km long on varied terrains of grass, tarmac, woodlands paths etc.

Seniors race for 1 hours, Women/Juniors/Vet40 and 50 race for approx. 40 minutes. Youth 30 minutes with under 12’s 15 minutes and under 10’s for 10 minutes.

What many people comment upon is the good-natured atmosphere that Cyclo cross events are held in.

What if my club is based outside the London/South East Area?

It doesn’t matter, any rider can join in. Just enter the race, buy your season long race number pack and race!

What is a Commissaire?

Commissaires are trained volunteers who ensure fair and safe competition in cycling races. Commissaires are present in all levels of racing and operate in all racing disciplines. What they do are –

  • Oversee and approve pre-event planning and documentation
  • Check risk assessments
  • Ensure clear communication with organisers, event teams, riders and parents.
  • Hold briefings and debriefings
  • Demonstrate a duty of care
  • Assume responsibility for fair and safe conduct during racing
  • Approve results, levy and complete reports post-event.

At each event we appoint 2 qualified Commissaires and Trainee commissaries. They are very visible in there Grey uniforms, they will blow a whistle 5 to 10 minutes before each race and arrange rider gridding and start each race. They will hold a short rider brief before each race that is it very important riders attend.

I would like to become a commissaire, what do I do?

We are always on the look out for new commissaries. We would like to grow our events in the South East but at present we are limited as we have approx 10 Cyclo Cross Commissaires in our region. The area we wish to develop more is in Kent and the South Coast. It is a very rewarding role and if you would like to find out more please come and see us at an event for express your interest using the contact us email address.

Can I practice on the course?

Yes, we usually have 25/30 minutes before each race to preride the course. New for this season is we are going to have a new process to notify when the course is open with 2 x 4 metres high Green (Course Open) and Red (Course Closed) flag banners. These will be positioned on the access point to the course and if the Red course closed flag is visible you are not permitted to ride on the course as another race will still be on, The commissaries will be managing the flag and will do all they can to have the course ready to ride. In reality riding the course just before your race is not ideal and we suggest you arrive a little earlier and preride before one of the other races. 2 of our races this year will have an extra race in the program for women that means there will be less time to preride and it will be important to arrive earlier. This will be Round 6 at Herne Hill, London and Round 7 at Preston Park in Brighton.

How do I find out how I’m doing overall?

The results will be available on this web site during the season along with the results of all ‘cross events.

Do I need to have a spare bike?

No, but…..

I have a spare bike and wheels where can i put them?

Cyclo cross rules allow riders to have spare bikes/wheels to deal with the dreaded mechanical. Also as Cyclo Cross is a winter sport, we can have very muddy courses that it would be an advantage to receive a clean bike every lap. The area designated on the course for all this to happen is called the Pits. Most courses will offer what we call a double pits. What this means is that the pits are accessible at 2 points on the course so you should only travel max half a lap to receive assistance.

There will be an entry and exit point for the pits that will be signalled by yellow flags. Important rule to know is that once you pass the exit point of the pits, you have to continue in the travel of the course, you cannot simply leave the course or retrace your steps.

The Pits where you may also meet the most dedicated and friendly of supporters in cycle sport, The Pit Crew. They will be armed with an array of equipment from Petrol and Rechargeable Jet Washers, water canisters, bike stands and various equipment to service riders needs.

Of course many riders will self service and simply place there spare bikes or wheels in the pits. What we do say is that please be careful leaving your equipment in the pits as this is your responsibility as the pits are not managed for security and many of our events are in public places. 

We also ask riders to place bikes and equipment in an orderly fashion in the pits and leaving the service pit lane free. This will be marked. We also ask that riders only place there equipment in the pits just before there race and not whilst another race is still on to avoid congestion.

Please note that for all under 12 riders there is no option of a Pit. These races are 1 bike only.

It you are planning to have a spare bike then we advise you purchase a spare bike number as this has the timing chip in it. If you use a bike without one then you go invisible to the timing system and it relies on manual scoring and a clever process in the timing software that predicts you position in the race, however this has to be manually verified and slows down confirming a result for the prize presentation.

Are mountain bikes allowed?

Yes, MTB bikes are allowed in all London and South East League events but not in National or International events.

What is British Cycling membership? 

To race our events you will either have to be a British Cycling member or purchase a “Day Licence”. The minimum membership requirement for our events is the Race Bronze membership package that includes a provisional licence that allows you to race our events. However if you wish to race the Regional champs, National Trophies or the National champs, or receive national ranking points, you will need to upgrade to a full racing licence that would also require and upgrade to the Race Silver membership.

There are great benefits to being a member and certainly if you are looking to race a few events it will be cheaper than paying the Day licence charge at each event you race.

What if I’m not a British cycling member?

No problem at all, you pay an on the day £3 “Day licence” if you are not a member of British Cycling. This is applicable for each event.

Under 10/12/14/16 categories are exempt from this charge.

Please note that If you are under 18 and not a British cycling member, you will be asked to complete a parental consent form. This will need to be completed by your parent or guardian. To aid use here is a copy

Do you have 1st Aid?

Yes. We are pleased to announce that Collingwood Services Ltd will be providing processional cover for all league events this season. They are experience in providing cover at mountain bike events in the South East and they will be very visible in the uniforms, ambulance vehicle and first aid station shelter.

What Facilities do you have at your events?

All events will have Toilet facilities and most events will have refreshments serving Tea, Coffee, Burgers, Hot dogs and of course the cyclists favourite food, CAKE. Also look out for Belgian classics like Crepes and Waffles.

What is the point?

The top three-win trophies, get their names in the cycling press and of course printed at this web site. Oh, and it’s fun.

Do you have Womens only racing?

We have Womens racing whereby all Women categories race together starting 2 minutes before the Vet 50/60 men. New for this season is we have added a extra race for Women to race on there own at Round 6 at Herne Hill in London and Round 7 at Preston Park in Brighton. On average we see 25/30 Women racing but we will be promoting these 2 events to encourage new Women to have a go, our goal is to have 50 women racing in both these races.

I want to know more about all the rules for Cyclo Cross?

The following link is to the British Cycling rules handbook that we follow for our league events.

For those riders looking to race the big events, this is the UCI rules.–cyclo-cross.pdf?sfvrsn=2eb79d46_8

Race Incident communication process

This will be communicated at the start of each race in the commissaires briefing but good to know this before hand. This is guidance in the rules.

16.5.1 For all events measures must be made to ensure adequate communication of incidents

16.5.2 Designated course marshals and key officials shall be equipped with yellow and red flags and a whistle in order to indicate race incidents.

16.5.3 In official training and competition marshals shall wave a yellow flag and sound the whistle to indicate a potential hazard on the course. Riders observing a yellow flag must reduce speed and proceed with caution.

16.5.4 On the instructions of the Chief Commissaire or Chief Marshal, marshals shall wave a red flag and sound the whistle to indicate a serious incident on the course which warrants the stop.

So in a nushell…

If you see a marshal or commissaire waving a Yellow Flag, this means Riders observing a yellow flag must reduce speed and proceed with caution.

If a marshal or commissaire is waving a red flag and blowing  a whistle, this indicates a serious incident on the course which warrants you to stop.

Is there a enter all series option.


How do I enter the Sussex League Separately?

The Sussex League is a subcategory of the  London and South East League, by buying a race number you are entered in to both leagues. You don’t enter the Sussex League Separately.

I wish to ride only 1 event; will I have to pay the £10 Number Charge in addition to the race entry fee ?

Yes, even if you ride 1 event you will be required to  pay the £10 race number charge.

I wish to only ride the Sussex League events; will I still require the number Charge?


Can I enter on the day?

Yes, however entry fees are a little higher and process in sign on is a little slower. You will also not be gridded at the start. We strongly advise online entry.

What happens if I enter a race and not choose a Race Number?

This will be picked up at the sign on desk and you will be asked to pay the £10 race number charge.

I’m trying to enter a race, but options are greyed out in the basket and cannot click on them.

Check that you have entered the right category, if you are a BC member or not it will not allow you to enter in a category other than listed in your membership or rider details. This is based on your gender and date of birth. Remember that Cyclo Cross categories run slightly different to Road and mountain bike

Where can I return my numbers at the end of the year.

There may be a returns address printed on the bike mounted numbers. You can of course hand back to sign on at your last event. The team champs in February is a great place to do this. We welcome all numbers to be returned as we are able to recycle them to keep costs down in future seasons.