The London and South-East Cyclo-Cross Races are run by the London Cyclo-Cross Association (LC-CA) and covers an area that includes London, Kent, Surrey and Sussex.

Who are the LCCA?

This is the website of the London Cyclo Cross Association (LCCA) which covers the south east area of England. Races and events are held in London, Surrey, Sussex and Kent.

The LCCA is responsible for all cyclo cross events held under the auspices of British Cycling and these events include the London Summer Cyclo-Cross League, East Kent CX League and of course the London and South East League.

Additionally, there are stand-alone events such as the New Year Madison Cross. Each event has to be held in accordance with British Cycling Cyclo Cross rules and regulations and the LCCA is responsible to provide officials to oversee each event.

The LCCA has a committee to manage different tasks.

The committee…..

  • Chair: Stuart McGhee
  • Secretary: Richard Hemsley
  • Treasurer: Jonathan Goodge
  • Calendar co-ordinators: Stuart McGhee & Richard Hemsley
  • Gridding & Ranking co-ordinator: Chris Clague
  • Sussex League co-ordinator: Lynsey Larkin
  • East Kent League co-ordinator: Robert Kingsland
  • Results & Timing System Officer: Chris Clauge
  • Technical officers: Stuart McGhee & Richard Hemsley
  • Publicity Officers: Stuart McGhee & Glen Whittington
  • Women’s representative: Caroline Reuter
  • Rider Reprensentaive: John Beggs


…But, of course nothing in 2020/21 is that simple, so here are our updated Rules; 

We are very pleased to announce that we will have a race calendar for this season. Of course, we will be monitoring government and British Cycling Guidelines carefully to keep up to date. We will keep you updated on this information through the London and South East Cyclo Cross league Facebook page and the website.

This season we are having to impose limits on the number of riders we can have at each event/race. These limits are lower than our average riders numbers per event for last season. We know that with lack of racing there are a lot of very keen racers out there. We are also aware that riders from outside of the South East Region are looking for events to race. Unfortunately, we have had to make some tough decisions on promoting events and we know that there will be disappointed riders out there who will not be able to race our events.  We are sorry for this and totally understand how frustrating this may be for you but this is just where we are in the Covid-19 period.

Please find below details on events. There will be more specific details supplied for each event.

*News Update* as of Tuesday 15th December 2020.

With London going into Tier 3 from Tuesday 15th December this means that the first event at Herne Hill on 27th December will now only be able to accept entries from over 18 riders categories that live in the London Tier 3 zone. Only riders in the under 18 categories will be able to race from outside of the London Tier 3 zone. As this has changed mid way through the open entry window this means that some riders entries are going to be rejected that were eligible when entries opened, example – all over 18 categories that live in Sussex or Surrey. This was communicated as a possibility on the event page info and riders will receive emails confirming accepted and if rejected, the reason why. This does mean that we are adapting the rules a little as we now will have more places for riders over 18 that are not in the South East Region but in the London Tier 3 zone that can include Eastern and Central league riders.

Events Calendar

Each race is a separate standalone race and is not part of a League for this season. There will be no overall rankings or overall series, only individual results for each event.





Sunday 27th December

Herne Hill 1


Sunday 3rd January

Cyclopark 1


Sunday 24th January

Redbridge Cycle Centre 1


Sunday 31st January

Cyclopark 2


Sunday 7th February

Redbridge Cycle Centre 2


Sunday 21st February

Herne Hill 2


Sunday 7th March

Cyclopark 3





Event entry

Entries to be made on the British Cycling entry system.

Entries open for each race on the Sunday night at 8pm 2 weeks before each event.

Entries will close at 6pm on the Monday night before the race.

Placing your entry does not guarantee acceptance, you will receive notification that your entry has been accepted based on the entry acceptance rules listed below.

Entry Acceptance Criteria

  • Entry online only, there is no entry on the day
  • All riders except youth and under 10/12 must be registered with British Cycling race membership bronze minimum in the South East region, or a member of an organising club. For Redbridge Cycle Centre and Herne Hill venues you must be registered in the Greater London area. (Which could be Central or Eastern region)
  • Event organising club members will have preference
  • First come first serve allocation

Tier system rider entry restrictions

This is accurate as of Tuesday 15th December and subject to change

Herne Hill and Redbridge. Greater London, Tier 3. Under 18 Rider categories are unrestricted and can be from any tier zone. Over 18 category riders are restricted to only riders from the Greater London Tier 3 zone

Cyclopark. Kent, Tier 3. Under 18 Riders are unrestricted and can be from any tier zone. Over 18 category riders are restricted to only riders from the Kent Tier 3 zone.

Entries will be reviewed after entry closed date on the Monday before the race and you will be notified whether accepted or not.

If a race has not been filled by the closing date, entries will be offered to riders from any British Cycling region following the same rules as above, entries for these races will close on Tuesday 6pm. This will be advertised on the London and South East Cyclo Cross league Facebook page and website. We do suggest if you are out of the South East region that you still enter as soon as you can, the entry fees are only taken once the entry is accepted

Entry rules

  • Your entry cannot be passed on to any other rider.
  • Your entry cannot be moved to another event if you do not attend.
  • Entry into one race is not a guarantee that you will be accepted into any other races.

This year there is no registration to the League and there is no number pack charge. The LCCA committee has agreed to fund your race number and timing chips for this season.


Race day Schedule

We will follow the same race day schedule as our good friends at the East Kent CX league. Details will be provided by email for each event but the format will follow this….

Race order


Entry fees

Field Size

Sign on time

course practice time

Gridding line up

Race start time

Race Duration

Race 1

Vet 50 plus men



8.15 – 8.45

8.55 – 9.10



40 mins

Race 2




9.30 – 10.00

10.10 – 10.25



25 mins

Race 3

Under 12



10.00 – 10.30

11.05 – 11.15



15 mins

Race 3

Under 10



10.00 – 10.30

11.05 – 11.15



13 mins

Race 4

Vet 40 men



11.00 – 11.30

11.40 – 11.55



40 mins

Race 5

Junior Men



12.00 – 12.30

13.00 – 13.15



40 mins

Race 5

Women (All cats)



12.00 – 12.30

13.00 – 13.15



40 mins

Race 6

Senior men



13.00 – 13.30

14.15 – 14 – 30



50 mins

In summary, we expect you to turn up, follow all event guidance as above, practice social distancing, enjoy your race and go home as soon as you can.


Sign on

We are using the same jersey mounted number and bike mounted numbers/timing chips as in previous years. These are to be collected from the Sign-on area at your allocated time at the first race you attend.

If you are unable to attend the race please let us know by contacting us on

It is your responsibility to keep and bring your timing chip and jersey number to all races. If you forget or lose either there will be a non-refundable £10 charge to replace both.

Any riders not starting with their jersey mounted number or bike mounted number will be disqualified.

If you have your number from last year, this cannot be used for this season. 


Course Practice Time

Practice times are indicated in the table above. However, these times may be subject to change due to on-the-day racing conditions. Access to the course will be clearly defined by the use of the large Open (green) and Closed (red) flags as previous years. Please only access the course at this point and when the Open flag is displayed.

We know that riders like to warm up for events on rollers or turbos. The organisers will provide an area to set up rollers while practising social distancing. 



Gridding at events will be based on the same system as last year, which is your best 3 events.

We will be operating a social distancing number-based gridding system. This will be posted on the London and South East Cyclo cross league Facebook page and emailed to you a day or two before the race. This will clearly inform you of your gridding bay location and we expect that once you have practiced on the course that you arrive in your allocated bay 5 minutes before your race starts for the commissaire briefing. Helpers and parents will not be able to enter the gridding bay to take clothing and bottles, but there will be an area supplied for you to place these items that will be easy for you to collect once race ends.



For this season there will be no equipment pits provided. The race will run as a “one bike race”. This means no outside mechanical assistance at all will be allowed and no spare bikes or wheels can be handed up from outside of the course tape. You will also not be able to leave the course to go to your car to fix the issue and return to the course. If you leave the course at any point before the end of the race, you will be classed as Did Not Finish.

You may carry tools and equipment to fix a puncture or any other mechanical yourself.

Any rider found in breach of this rule will be disqualified and may, at the discretion of the LCCA, be excluded from the remaining races.


The Race

Spitting will not be allowed whilst racing and we strongly advise you to carry a hankie or similar item.

Once you finish your race, please do not hang around. Collect your clothing and go home as quickly as you can. We know there will be families that are racing and could have a few hours between races, please try to keep away from the race arena as much as you possibly can and keep at least 2 meters from others.

Please note that you will not be able to leave your belongings in/around the timing tent as in previous seasons or indeed throw glasses, gloves or arm warmers etc towards commissaires or the timing tent due to Covid-19 restrictions.



Results will not be published at the venue, but on the website results page at the end of the day. Any result queries can be made with the published contact method.

Please do not go to the timing tent to ask for results as you will be politely told to go away. 


Prizes and Podiums

This season, races will cost more to organise with a restricted budget due to a lower number of riders. Unfortunately, we will not be offering any individual cash prizes or podium presentations at any event but the organising clubs have committed to invest any profit into future events.

However, our sponsor, Challenge, will be offering spot prizes with details to follow.

Cyclo Cross FAQ’S

What’s Cyclo-cross?

It’s an all-out effort held over a course with variety of terrain to test your lungs and bike handling skills. Courses are usually 2.5/3.5km long on varied terrains of grass, tarmac, woodlands paths etc.

What many people comment upon is the good-natured atmosphere that Cyclo cross events are held in.

What is a Commissaire?

Commissaires are trained volunteers who ensure fair and safe competition in cycling races. Commissaires are present in all levels of racing and operate in all racing disciplines. What they do are –

  • Oversee and approve pre-event planning and documentation
  • Check risk assessments
  • Ensure clear communication with organisers, event teams, riders and parents.
  • Hold briefings and debriefings
  • Demonstrate a duty of care
  • Assume responsibility for fair and safe conduct during racing
  • Approve results, levy and complete reports post-event.

At each event we appoint 2 qualified Commissaires and Trainee commissaries. They are very visible in there Grey uniforms, they will blow a whistle 5 to 10 minutes before each race and arrange rider gridding and start each race. They will hold a short rider brief before each race that is it very important riders attend.

I would like to become a commissaire, what do I do?

We are always on the look out for new commissaries. We would like to grow our events in the South East but at present we are limited as we have approx 10 Cyclo Cross Commissaires in our region. The area we wish to develop more is in Kent and the South Coast. It is a very rewarding role and if you would like to find out more please come and see us at an event for express your interest using the contact us email address.

Are mountain bikes allowed?

Yes, MTB bikes are allowed in all London and South East League events but not in National or International events.

What is British Cycling membership? 

To race our events you will have to be a British Cycling member.

There are many great benefits to being a member.

Do you have 1st Aid?

Yes. We are pleased to announce that Collingwood Services Ltd will be providing processional cover for all league events this season. They are experience in providing cover at mountain bike events in the South East and they will be very visible in the uniforms, ambulance vehicle and first aid station shelter.

Do you have Womens only racing?

New for this season, following last year’s trial we have added a extra race for Women!

I want to know more about all the rules for Cyclo Cross?

The following link is to the British Cycling rules handbook that we follow for our league events.

For those riders looking to race the big events, this is the UCI rules.–cyclo-cross.pdf?sfvrsn=2eb79d46_8

Race Incident communication process

This will be communicated at the start of each race in the commissaires briefing but good to know this before hand. This is guidance in the rules.

16.5.1 For all events measures must be made to ensure adequate communication of incidents

16.5.2 Designated course marshals and key officials shall be equipped with yellow and red flags and a whistle in order to indicate race incidents.

16.5.3 In official training and competition marshals shall wave a yellow flag and sound the whistle to indicate a potential hazard on the course. Riders observing a yellow flag must reduce speed and proceed with caution.

16.5.4 On the instructions of the Chief Commissaire or Chief Marshal, marshals shall wave a red flag and sound the whistle to indicate a serious incident on the course which warrants the stop.

So in a nutshell…

If you see a marshal or commissaire waving a Yellow Flag, this means Riders observing a yellow flag must reduce speed and proceed with caution.

If a marshal or commissaire is waving a red flag and blowing  a whistle, this indicates a serious incident on the course which warrants you to stop.