Kinesis London South East Cyclo Cross League

The Kinesis London Cyclo-Cross League is run by the London Cyclo-Cross Association (LC-CA) and covers an area that includes London, Kent, Surrey and Sussex.

We thank our sponsor for this season – KinesisUK

The season long event is based on the following categories for both Male and Female:

  • Under 10
  • Under 12
  • Youth B
  • Youth A
  • Juniors
  • Seniors
  • Vet 40
  • Vet 50
  • Vet 60 (Male only)

There are 12 rounds in total and your best 7 rounds to count. 50% rounded up to the whole number above, so that there cannot be two winners who have never met. If we lose a round for any reason it will be down to best 6 rounds.

What are the points?

Seniors and Veteran men 40/50+
1. 100 points
2. 94
3. 90
4. 86
5. 83
6. 80
7. 78
8. 76
9. 74
10. 72
11. 70
12. 69

…..and further reducing by 1 point per place down through the race field.

All other categories (Women, Juniors, Under 14/16 and Under 10/12)

  1. 50
  2. 44
  3. 40
  4. 36
  5. 33
  6. 30
  7. 28
  8. 26
  9. 24
  10. 22
  11. 20
  12. 19

..…and reducing by 1 point per place down through the race field.

In the event of a Tie-on points we follow the countback process as detailed below.

1.  Most Wins
2.  Best results (2nd, 3rds etc)
3.  Head to Heads from all league events

After each race the series standing will be updated so you can follow how you are doing.

Our Sponsors KinesisUK have supplied some fantastic prizes to go with the trophies for the overall winners, the presentation will be hosted at the Team Championship in February 2019.

How do I join?

All riders are required to register as a member of LCCA to enter London & SE League events.

Membership enables riders to pre-enter via to save queuing time at sign-on. It costs £10 for Sen/Jun/VET categories and £5 for U10, U12 and Youth riders. This covers the cost of your race number and timing chip, which you need to keep for the whole season. If you lose these, you will need to re-register.

The membership fee pays for providing the electronic timing system and pays for upgrades to this system.

Riders who are members of promoting clubs will receive a £3 refund. 

After 1st Dec the membership fee falls to £5 for Sen/Jun/VET categories and £3 for U10, U12 and Youth riders with a £1.50 refund for promoting clubs.

We will use seat post-mounted tags rather than helmet tags to improve reliability. Riders with two (or more) bikes will need to purchase additional tags at £2 each. These will be available at sign-on.

Riders are strongly advised to enter in advance via, which will help you by minimising queuing time at event sign on, and also helps the chip timing team to generate event results more quickly.  We will still accept entry on-the-day at each venue, for an additional charge.

Please note that race entry for all cross events are subject to a £3 levy if you are not a member of British Cycling.

If you are under 18 and not a British cycling member, you will be asked to complete a parental consent form.

Enter at RiderHQ

To enter an LCCA event and pay on line, use the following link –

Find the LCCA event that you want to enter in the Calendar and click the link.

If you are entering an LCCA event for the first time you will be asked to register with LCCA.

After you have registered, you will be taken to the Event Details Page.  Click enter to go to the race page.

Make sure that you enter the correct event according to your Year of Birth.

Age Cats

For the 2018-2019 season the following age categories will apply in BC cyclo-cross events (effective from 1st September 2018):

Make sure that you enter the correct event according to your Year of Birth.

Year of birthCategoryMaleFemaleOn-the-day entry feeOnline entry fee
2009 or laterUnder 10U10 MU10 F£2£1
2007-08Under 12U12 MU12 F£2£1
2005-06Youth BYB MYB F£7£6
2003-04Youth AYA MYA F£7£6
2001-02Junior MenJUN MJUN F£11£9
2000 or earlierSenior MenSen MSen F£20£15
1978 or earlierVeteran 40+V40 MV40 F£20£15
1968 or earlierVeteran 50+V50 MV50 F£20£15
1958 or earlierVeteran 60+V60 MV60 F£20£15

Online entries for each event and registration for the series will close at 18.00 on the Friday afternoon before the event. This enables gridding to be calculated.

Riders who have entered on-line will have a pre-printed sign-on sheet waiting for them. If they are newly registered, they can collect the number and tag allocated from sign-on. They then need to sign next to their name. That’s all there is to it, have a good race!

Race start times, duration and Sign on timings

 Race startRace finishRace timePrize Presentation Sign on start timeSign on close
Under 1010.0010.1010mins11.409.009.50
Under 10 Boy
Under 10 Girl
Under 1210.2010.3515mins11.409.0010.10
Under 12 Boy
Under 12 Girl
Under 14 Boy
Under 14 Girl
Under 16 Boy
Under 16 Girl
Vet 40 & Junior male11.5012.3545 mins12.5510.4011.40
Junior Men11.50
Vet 40 Men11.51
Vet 50 & all Women13.0513.4540 mins14.3010.4012.55
Women Senior13.05
Women Junior13.05
Women Vet 4013.05
Women Vet 5013.05
Vet 50 Men13.07
Senior Men14.1515.1560 mins15.3010.4014.05
Senior Men


We grid riders at the start of each race, the commissaire will blow their whistle to indicate that gridding is about to start.

Chris Clague our gridding expert explains Gridding – the ‘how it works’ thread

Prologue (you can skip this bit):

The aim of the gridding system is to place the rider where we think they will finish for reasons of safety. Theoretically this makes for a dull race, but you guys constantly prove otherwise.

The system is blind and dumb, it does not know that 5 years ago you were a national champion, you’ve still gotta prove it to earn it.

It is without bias and does not understand ‘sporting reasons’.

Commissaires sometimes understand sporting reasons and may move riders accordingly – this is why we close entries on a Friday night, so we can produce the grids and if the chief Comm decides that someone needs to be moved they can be.

How it works (read this):

Please note that all rankings are within your starting grid, not your race category – so all senior women and above are ranked together regardless of age for example.

We take your results for the last rolling season. That is, at each round we drop the one prior to it from last year. If you won round 2 last year it is now gone.

We take your best 3 results and average them out. This means that those riders who only race a few times each season are not penalised. It also means if you have the odd howler, we’re polite enough to ignore it. Likewise, mechanicals etc. Please run with your bike to the finish to receive the warm applause of your comrades safe in the knowledge that it won’t affect your grid for next week.

In the event of 2 riders having the same average score we will place them in the order they finished in the league last season. This is the only point at which your season ranking plays any part.

The complicated bit:

We’re all getting old. For some (the youth and under, predominantly) this is a good thing. For the rest of us, it sucks a little bit.

The blind and dumb gridding system has no sympathy for old father time, so we apply what is technically known as a fudge factor for those riders moving categories. The numbers were plucked from thin air and debated by committee. It goes like this:

U10 -> U12 -20%

U12 -> Youth -20%

Youth -> Senior -20%

Senior M -> Vet 40M +20%

Vet 40M -> Vet 50M +20%

All senior women retain their unweighted ranking when moving through the vet ranks as they all start together. Junior riders are treated as senior for gridding purposes.

This means that a youth rider who wins everything will not necessarily start their first senior race from the front as their last season’s results are weighted by -20%. In theory a senior male rider progressing to V40 would get a 20% boost. However, this does not mean they will get a head start if their weighted figure comes out at 120%. Sometimes life just doesn’t work like that.

How it’s all applied:

We rank all known riders, then when you pre-enter we compare that list with the 1168 riders we currently have results for and put you in order based on the above. This is why it’s *really* important that you give us correct information. Using a nickname given by your mates when you were at school is hilarious but it’s unlikely to get you gridded correctly however great the backstory. Likewise, we always try and match on licence number if possible, but if you enter the same number for all your family and friends it may (illegally) earn you a raceday discount, but we can’t use it to match any of you and I don’t really want to think about the insurance angle if you have a crash. Those BC levies are for a reason.

If you got this far, well done!

Notes on gridding

Only pre-entered riders will be gridded.

If you believe that you should be brought forward, then you must talk to the commissaire’s BEFORE they begin gridding. But please note the commissaire decision is final.


What’s Cyclo-cross?

It’s an all-out effort held over a course with variety of terrain to test your lungs and bike handling skills. Courses are usually 2.5/3.5km long on varied terrains of grass, tarmac, woodlands paths etc.

Seniors race for 1 hours, Women/Juniors/Vet40 and 50 race for approx. 45 minutes. Youth 30 minutes with under 12’s 15minutes and under 10’s for 10 minutes.

What many people comment upon is the good-natured atmosphere that cyclo cross events are held in.

There is both online and entry on the day, if you are not a member of British Cycling you will pay a levy to compete with us (see above).

What if my club is based outside the London/South East Area?

It doesn’t matter, any rider can join in.

 How do I find out how I’m doing overall?

The results will be printed at this web site during the season along with the results of all ‘cross events.

 Are mountain bikes allowed?

Yes, MTB bikes are allowed in all London League events but not in National or International events.

What if I’m not a British cycling member?

No problem at all, you pay an on the day  £3 levy if you are not a member of British Cycling.

If you are under 18 and not a British cycling member, you will be asked to complete a parental consent form.

What is the point?

The top three-win trophies, get their names in the cycling press and of course printed at this web site. Oh, and it’s fun.

Equal prize money

We offer equal prize money and depth of prizes for both male and female categories.

Sussex League 2018/19

The 2017/18 Sussex Cyclo-Cross League featuring those events held in Sussex as part of the London and South East League.

The league will be based on the best 3 from 5 rounds to count. The Team Champs has now been dropped from the count and will the Sussex League Trophies at the prize giving at the same time as the London League Trophies. 

Point scoring is 100, 94, 90 86,83,etc for all categories.