Round 9 Preview – Herne Hill

Our next stop on the calendar is the brilliant Herne Hill Velodrome – for Round 9 of the league Charles Coddrington of Dulwich CC is in charge of what promises to be an absolute classic…

The cyclocross courses at Herne Hill have busy widened to make more overtaking room which supports modern racing with larger grids. That said tight twisty racing is what makes HH so great as it’s a real test of your form after a busy season!

The course is set and with little rain forecast for the rest of the week the ground will dry out and the riding will be fast, furious and shed of load of fun. As to be expected we’ve included those stalwart features you know and love so well, the lovely little off cambers, the squiggly bits and of course, the clamber up Big Bob and down Little Bob intermingled with loads of opportunity to overtake….

So that’s the course sorted – off course from midday racers will be raucously supported by the Blocofogo Samba band who will be dancing and drumming away for the afternoon. There’s food and beer from Jan’s Café in the Pavilion and the Belgium Frites van aside the course.

Going to be a great race and fun event to watch, so do encourage family and friends to come along and support you. We’re particularly looking forward to a large women’s field, helped by the HHVWomen organising training sessions which you can still sign up to via their Instagram page.

PLEASE NOTE it’s going to be a very busy day at the velodrome as we are expecting more cars than we have parking spaces. There’s limited car parking on site, the nearest train stations are North Dulwich and Herne Hill. Please if you’re driving to the venue, park with consideration for the locals.  There’s changing and space for rollers etc in the velodrome.

Entry is here