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Round 01 – 2011 / 2012

The first round of the Mosquito Bikes London and South East England Cyclo Cross League, held at Fowlmead Country Pk, Deal on September 11.

High winds and the occasional heavy shower saw many riders tuned into ‘coal people’ as the circuit splattered the riders with coal slag.

Seniors – Gallery
Gary Record led out the race before he fell back leaving Matt Holmes, Harry Franklyn, Jack Finch and Matthew Webber at the front of the race for the early laps.

Race Winner Harry Franklyn

As the race progressed the order was thrown upside down as riders dropped back and others moved up the order, none more so than Steven James who had punctured at the start, he was now flying and heading toward the leaders.

Harry Franklyn making his debute as a junior (and 2010/11 National Youth Champ) attacked his race companions and gained a winning lead. James meanwhile had an amazing last lap and he flew into second spot behind his Hargroves team mate.

Webber was third after out sprinting Sylvain Garde.

Jon Lyons was top veteran ahead of Mick Bell and Kevin Knox, the latter having to run to the finish when he punctured on the last lap.

Franklyn won the junior race riding clear of Jack Finch, who almost knocked himself out when he fell, but re mounted to finish 11th overall. Special mention to junior Sam Judd who had to run almost a whole lap when he suffered a mechanical.

The women’s race saw Delia Beddis and Nicky Hamilton switching ownership of the top spot and after a race long fight, Beddis jumped ahead to win.

Sylvain Garde chases the leaders

Steve James came from nowhere to claim 2nd

Gary Record leads the first lap

Matt Holmes, Harry Franklyn and Jack Finch lead the race

Jon Lyons was top veteran

Delia Beddis won the women’s race

Nicky Hamilston was 2nd woman

1st  111 Harry Franklin Hargroves J (1st) 8
2nd 50 Steven James HargrovesCycles S (1st) 8 @ 27 secs
3rd 27 Matthew Webber London Phoenix S (2nd) 8 @  47 secs
4th  11 Sylvain Garde La Fuga Sigma Sport S (3rd) 8 S/T
5th  8 Matt Holmes Arctic RT S (4th) 8 @ 1.06
6th  25 Gary Record S (5th) 8  @ 1.14
7th  167 Jon Lyons GS Invicta V (1st) 8 @ 1.17
8th  12 Andy Waterman Vicious Velo S (6th) 8 @ 1.23
9th  44 Jules Birks VC Londres S (7th) 8 @ 2.13
10th  34 Simon Bird Vicious Velo S (8th) 8 @ 2.19
11th  104 Jack Finch VC Deal/Activ J (2nd) 8  @ 2.58
12th  108 Matthew Gater VC Deal/Activ J (3rd) 8 S/T
13th  180 Mick Bell London Fire Brigade CC V (2nd) 8 @ 3.03
14th  26 Christopher Dick London Phoenix S (9th) 8 @ 3.12
15th  178 Kevin Knox Vicious Velo V (3rd) 8 @ 3.20
16th  48 Philip Glowinski VC Londres S (10th) 8 @ 3.30
17th  20 Jon Pybus GT Racing UK S (11th) 8 @ 3.43
18th  47 Ben Spurrier Vicious Velo S (12th) 8 @ 3.47
19th  23 Dan Braid La Fuga Sigma Sport S (13th) 8 @ 3.55
20th  40 Phil Lenney Activ Cycles S (14th) 8 @ S/T
21st  33 Ciaran O’Grady VC Deal/Activ S (15th) 8  @ 4.00
22nd  22 Russell Short London Dynamo S (16th) 8  @ 4.16
23rd  110 Joshua Parkin Arctic Premier RT J (4th) 8 @ 4.21
24th  100 Sam Stean VC Jubilee J (5th) 8 @ 5.06
25th  41 Nigel Ling Gemini BC S (17th) 8 @ 5.36
26th  42 David Rees Dulwich Paragon CC S (18th) 8 @ 5.45
27th  39 Steve Hambling Activ cycles S (19th) 8 @ 6.00
28th  17 Rob Purcell Mountain Trax S (20th) 8 6.24
29th  174 Dougie Fox Crawley Wheelers V (4th) 8 @ 6.38
30th  165 M Palmer Unattached V (5th) 8 @ 6.45
31st  185 Martin O’Grady Team Toachim V (6th) 8 @ 7.00
32nd  196 Paul Hudson Sprockets. V (7th) 8 ‘ 7.11
33rd  171 Adrian Lyons GS Invicta V (8th) 8
34th  160 Julian Wall Cyclefit  V (9th) 8
35th  103 Chris McGovern Sutton CC J (6th) 8
36th  3 Manuel Elst Spartaan Belgium S (21st) 8
37th  38 Mark Field Senate Electrical S (22nd) 7
38th  45 Nick Herlihy Unattached S (23rd) 7
39th  15 Adam Broyad GS Invicta S (24th) 7
40th  179 Graham Freer Mosquito Bikes V (10th) 7
41st  32 Wilf Sinclair Pearson Cycles S (25th) 7
42nd  161 Simon Scarsbrook Mosquito Bikes V (11th) 7
43rd  6 Alex Amey Hot Pursuit S (26th) 7
44th  195 Philip. Murrell Finsbury Park CC V (12th) 7
45th  35 George Thomas Crawley Wheelers S (27th) 7
46th  172 Konrad Manning Rapha Condor CC V (13th) 7
47th  107 Jack Spicer VC Deal/Activ J (7th) 7
48th  183 Len Delicuet London Phoenix V (14th) 7
49th  143 Delia Beddis Vicious Velo W (1st) 7
50th  136 Nicola Hamilton Look Mum No Hands W (2nd) 7
51st  145 Claire Beaumont Vicious Velo W (3rd) 7
52nd  189 Kevin Perkins SEEDS V (15th) 7
53rd  18 Craig Joy VC Elan S (28th) 7
54th  10 Peter Bareford Arctic RT S (29th) 7
55th  21 Steve Middleton S (30th) 7
56th  173 Tony Berlin Crawley Wheelers V (16th) 7
57th  5 Liam White VC Deal/Activ S (31st) 7
58th  1 Arron Harris VC Deal/Activ S (32nd) 7
59th  190 Stephen Blackmore SEEDS V (17th) 7
60th  198 Mark Simmonds Kingsnorth Int V (18th) 7
61st  164 Dave Blackman Sutton CC V (19th) 7
62nd  175 Richard McVey Adalta V (20th) 7
63rd  186 Tony Bartlett Team Corridori V (21st) 7
64th  4 Kaj Scarsbrook Mosquito Bikes S (33rd) 7
65th  188 Paul Atkinson SEEDS V (22nd) 7
66th  43 S Bayliss Civ Div S (34th) 7
67th  133 Loise Mahe Mule Bar Girls W (4th) 7
68th  184 Rob Wood Team Darenth V (23rd) 7
69th  168 Geoff Nutter Unattached V (24th) 7
70th  197 Marek Glowinski VC Londres V (25th) 7
71st  170 Paul Buckley Wigmore CC V (26th) 7
72nd  37 Ben Scruton Sprockets S (35th) 7
73rd  176 Paul Warner Team Darenth V (27th) 7
74th  192 Pete Lawrence Condor Cycles V (28th) 7
75th  46 John Burrows Unattached S (36th) 7
76th  158 Brian Ashwood Sutton CC V (29th) 7
77th  144 Tabitha Rendall Team Larkfield Cycles W (5th) 7
78th  155 Roger Flury Team Darenth V (30th) 6
79th  157 Lance Mead Sutton CC V (31st) 6
80th  162 Simon Neame VC Deal/Activ V (32nd) 6
81st  191 Brian Scarboro Gemini BC V (33rd) 6
82nd  131 Nicola Wadham Kingston Wheelers W (6th) 6
83rd  146 Emma Cutler Rye Wheelers W (10th) 5
84th  109 Sophia Joy VC Deal/Activ J (8th) 6
85th  31 Sharn Harris VC Deal/Activ S (37th) 6
86th  163 Julian Mc Govern Sutton CC V (34th) 6
87th  29 Robert Kingsland VC Deal/Activ S (38th) 6
88th  182 Vince Tolhurst Unattached V (35th) 6
89th  141 Charlotte Lane Activ Cycles W (7th) 6
90th  51 James Ransome Unattached S (39th) 6
91st  142 Jo-Anne Perry Deal Tri Club W (8th) 6
92nd  42 David Rees Dulwich Paragon CC S (40th) 6
93rd  135 Katie Bareford Arctic RT W (9th) 5
94th  140 Jane Blackmore Unattached W (11th) 5

1 Delia Beddis Vicious Velo
2 Nicky Hamilton Look Mum No Hands
3 Claire Beaumont Vicious Velo

1 Jon Lyons GS Invicta
2 Mick Bell London Fire Brigade
3 Kevin Knox Vicious Velo

1 Harry Franklyn Hargroves Cycles
2 Jack Finch VC Deal
3 Matt Gator VC Deal

Youth – Gallery
Thomas Butler, Daniel Tullett and Calum Anderton moved ahead from the start and near race end, Butler had built a small, but winning lead over Dan Tullett racing in his first youth race afire graduating up from the under 12s.

The lead three

Dan Tullett was top under 14 in his first youth race

Not far off the pace of the lead three was a gaggle of riders led by Tom Franklyn and Anthony Anderson.

1st 40 Thomas Butler VC Deal/Activ MA (1st) 4
2nd 36 Daniel Tullett Hargroves Cycles MB (1st) 4
3rd 44 Calum Anderton VC Deal/Activ MA (2nd) 4
4th 64 Tom Franklyn Hargroves Cycles MA (3rd) 4
5th 51 Anthony Anderson Kingston Wheelers MB (2nd) 4
6th 53 Oliver Priddle VC Jubilee MA (4th) 4
7th 57 Tom Paine VC Jubilee MA (5th) 4
8th 38 Oliver Morris VC Jubilee MA (6th) 4
9th 41 James Flury Team Darenth MA (7th) 4
10th 62 Martin Blackman Sutton CC MB (3rd) 4
11th 63 Thomas Finch VC Deal/Activ MB (4th) 4
12th 49 Joseph Sutton Team Darenth MA (8th) 4
13th 54 Mark Jacobs VC Jubilee MA (9th) 4
14th 45 Luke Bandy VC Jubilee MA (10th) 4
15th 67 Stanley Nutter Herne Hill Youth CC MA (11th) 4
16th 55 Toby Martin Team Darenth MB (5th) 4
17th 42 Dan Nash Team Darenth MA (12th) 4
18th 47 Sam Titmarsh Team Darenth MA (13th) 4
19th 52 George Finch VC Deal/Activ MB (6th) 4
20th 37 Oliver Stean VC Jubilee MA (14th) 4
21st 61 Matthew McGovern Sutton CC MB (7th) 3
22nd 48 Oliver Robinson Thanet RC MB (8th) 3
23rd 39 Cameron Harris VC Deal/Activ MB (9th) 3
24th 50 Tom Hilless Team Darenth MB (10th) 3
25th 60 Oskar Scarsbrook Preston Park YCC MA (15th) 3
26th 59 Toby Cook Sutton CC MB (11th) 3
27th 46 Amy Smith VC Jubilee FB (1st) 3
28th 66 George Edmundson Unattached MA (16th) 3
29th 68 Joseph Lyons VC Deal/Activ MB (12th) 3
30th 65 Tia Neame VC Deal/Activ FB (2nd) 3

Under 12 – Gallery
Ben Tullett won with a little time to spare. Luke Micthie was a fine second and George Sales third.

The start

Another fine win

1st 2 Ben Tullett Herne Hill YCC MC (1st) 7
2nd 19 Luke Mitchie Team Darenth MC (2nd) 7
3rd 1 George Sales Redhill CC MC (3rd) 7
4th 17 Tom Martin Herne Hill Youth CC MC (4th) 7
5th 7 Joshua Mead Sutton CC MC (5th) 7
6th 18 Nathan Martin Team Darenth MC (6th) 7
7th 3 Jon Hasman Unattached MC (7th) 6
8th 10 Toby Anderton VC Deal/Activ MC (8th) 6
9th 12 James Finch VC Deal/Activ MD () 6
10th 11 Thomas Ives Sutton CC MC (9th) 6
11th 15 Noah Charlton Thanet RC MC (10th) 6
12th 20 Dominic Cook Sutton CC MC (11th) 6
13th 8 Emily Ashwood Sutton CC FC (1st) 6
14th 23 Elliott Ball Thanet RC MC (12th) 6
15th 16 Marc Johnson Southborough Wheelers MC (13th) 5
16th 22 Oscar Rendall Todd Unattached MC (14th) 4

Under 10 Gallery
Flyn Robinson led almost the whole race, but he was almost caught on the line by the fast finishing Joseph Blackmore.

A close finish

1st 9 Flyn Robinson Thanet RC MD (1st) 4
2nd 10 Joseph Blackmore Herne Hill Youth CC MD (2nd) 4
3rd 2 Megan Anderton VC Deal/Activ FD (1st) 4
4th 6 Lewis Glaysher Sutton CC MD (3rd) 4
5th 14 Betty Williams Thanet RC FD (2nd) 4
6th 1 Luke Ashwood Sutton CC MD (4th) 4
7th 11 Daniel Finch VC Deal/Activ MD (5th) 4
8th 17 Oliver Harris VC Deal/Activ ME (1st) 4
9th 3 Charlotte McGreedy Team Darenth FD (3rd) 4
10th 8 Ben Inett VC Deal/Activ ME (2nd) 3
11th 15 Zachary Wall Cyclefit  MD (6th) 3
12th 13 Hannah Bennett Thanet RC FD (4th) 3
13th 19 Louis Bennett Unattached MD (7th) 3
14th 18 Zach Rendall Todd Unattached ME (3rd) 3
15th 7 Alex Glaysher Sutton CC MD (8th) 3
16th 12 Jack Johnson Southborough Wheelers MD (9th) 3
17th 16 Shannon Deane Thanet RC FE (1st) 3