Regional Champs Preview – Cyclopark

The next race at Cyclopark is the South East Regional Championships taking place on November 28th. The course is largely the same as the last round of The Challenge Tyres London and SE Cyclo-Cross league, however the intention has always been to make each race slightly more challenging as we build towards the National Trophy event in December. Here’s what course designer Huw Williams has in store for us…

“For the regional championships there are a few extra, wider straights added to facilitate more opportunity for overtaking, but the main difference will be the inclusion of “The Bank’ – a signature feature of the National Championship event held on this course in 2019.

Following a similar start straight as the previous race for lap one, subsequent laps will turn left in the area where the finish line was and head up the steep bank, turning left about half way up into the off camber before the big drop off. Instead of the long drag parallel to the road circuit, at this point riders turn in through the wooden gate where a wider circuit allows more overtaking opportunities before a technical drop back through the fence to the road circuit and transition into the flyover.

The finish line moves to the road parallel to the pits area, meaning there will be an on-road section which again provides extra passing places each lap. There is also an option of including the big, off-camber bankings which are another characteristic feature of Cyclopark. Unrideable in the wet, these provide a high degree of technical ability and will be included in the National Trophy race, so if its a dry race I’ll include them in the Regional Champs.

The far end of the course features an extended, return drag to a technical turn and a few tweaks to the box turns in that area give a total course length of almost exactly 3km.”

Sounds like a race not to be missed – for anyone not used to the format if you’re happy racing London and SE Cyclocross races then the Regional Champs is essentially the same kind of level, so please don’t be put off by the grand title – if you’re in it to win it great, but if you just want to race against your mates that’s cool too. Get yourself signed up here ( today!


Words by Huw Williams

Additional words and photos by Glen Whittington