The Sussex League

The Sussex League has been around for over 30 years and traditionally the winner was presented with the Sussex League trophy at the end of the season. In the early years it was far simpler to manage due to the relatively small number of riders that potentially could win the title as the vast majority of riders came from within London. As the league has expanded and cyclocross has become more popular Andy Seltzer has worked hard to run the Sussex League as a sub category of the main LDN and SE Cyclocross League. He managed this basically by knowing the riders (or clubs) and completed a manual spreadsheet, but there are just too many riders now to make it a viable option. We thank Andy for all his hard work over the years and in helping us set up the new system which Tim and Lynsey Larkin will now continue to manage.

Stanmer Park 2018

So, what is the Sussex League today?

The Sussex League is a sub-category series for riders based in Sussex, that runs alongside the main London and South East Cyclo Cross League so you don’t have to do anything differently to the normal process – simply sign up to the races, turn up and race. There are on average 4/5 events per year that are hosted in Sussex. Rotor are to be Sponsor of the Sussex League and provide overall prizes for each category podium which will take place at the final round. This year there are 4 races and your best three out of the four races to count towards the overall titles.

The qualifying races are;

  • Stanmer Park – Sunday 1 st September 2019
  • Preston Park – Sunday 27 October 2019
  • East Brighton Park – Sunday 24 th November 2019
  • Bodiam Castle – Sunday 1 st December 2019
Preston Park 2018

To be eligible you either have to live in Sussex or your club/team registered in Sussex. Results and sign on guru, Chris Clague, will create results as the season progresses. Make sure you’re at the final race at The Hub at Bodium where prizes from Rotor and The Sussex League Trophy itself will be awarded by Stuart, Lynsey and Tim. The Sussex League trophy is the oldest trophy we have in our Region. We are going to renovate this trophy and keep the history alive. There will be prizes or trophies (custom made by Stuart McGhee) across all categories.