Unfortunately, due to the recent government and BC updates, it looks like it’s not going to be possible to race any of the postponed 2020/21 season races any time soon. We made and re-made our plans to get racing underway but the cards simply haven’t fallen the right way this time.

We’d like to say a massive thank-you to Bruce, Charlie and Doug, and their teams, who have had all the races basically planned and ready to execute at the drop of a hat which is no easy task. Thanks to all the committee members who have spent time reorganising and planning. Thank-you to all our Commisaires, and our First-Aid team, who were always ready to fly in, at the drop of a hat. Thanks to our BC rep, who has had to answer a million difficult questions from all of us! And thanks to our sponsor who stepped up and would have made the racing possible in these difficult circumstances.

Keep riding your ‘cross bikes in the mud, keep posting photos of what you’re up to and keep having fun.  Fun isn’t cancelled, despite how serious the pandemic is – follow all the guidelines, be safe, but please keep getting out on your bikes! We hope to see you all next season and hopefully we can all meet up for some mountain biking or road riding some time soon.