2020/21 Challenge Tires London and SE Cyclocross – Race 1 Herne Hill

Herne Hill Velodrome has Cyclo Cross running through its veins, despite the obvious track credentials. Built in 1891, the venue hosted the track events in the 1948 Olympics, and has since been redeveloped in the early 00’s to include sports like Cyclo Cross. The single-track, bomb holes and banks that loop in and out of the velodrome form the perfect battle ground .and is one of the most popular courses in the South East.

Expect fast running singletrack, technical features, some proper grassy drags and hopefully Big Bob!

Of course this season racing is going to be a little different due to the Covid Pandemic. Please read the following link with details of rules – https://www.londonxleague.co.uk/rules/

Note, that when this event goes live at 8pm on Sunday 13th December, the rules will be as follows. All riders that reside in the South East that live in Tier 2 are eligible to race. Under 18’s from Tier 3 are eligible to race. Riders in categories Over 18 that reside in Tier 3 areas will not be eligible to race.

However, as expected, nothing in 2020 is simple – the government will be reviewing the Tier system on Wednesday 16th December, if at that stage Greater London is moved into Tier3 then we will only be able to accept riders from Over 18 categories that reside in the Greater London Tier 3 area plus Under 18’s from anywhere.

In general;

  1. U18s may ride at any race in any tier.
  2. If a race takes place in a tier 3 area, then only adults from that same area may race.
  3. If a race takes place in a tier 2 area, then adult riders from *any* tier 2 area may race. No adult from tier 3 may race.

With the above in mind – and with the aim of not encouraging people to traverse the country and increase the risk, we are favouring local (BC region South East) riders. We have also reduced entry numbers for each race.

We are only accepting BC entries for this season. We need this to have your details to meet the above rules. If your child doesn’t have a membership- now would be a good time to get one. Check for details on the BC website. For certain younger age groups this is free.

All entries are to be reviewed from 16th December onwards and you will either receive an email confirming your entry or not.

We will also be sending an event information email a few days before the event so you are updated on how to attend and race.

Don’t forget to send your suggestions in for the Challenge Rider of the Week to the “Contact Us” link on the Website to win the nominee a pair of tires.

The second of our two competitions at each race will be for the racer who can score the fastest lap of the race – not necessarily the race winner as you could go all out on the first lap for the glory! So as to make the competition fair for all, the fastest laps from each category will be put into a hat and this will be drawn live on our Facebook page after each race – The winner of the “Fastest Lap” at each race will receive a set of Challenge Tires Handmade Tubs or Clinchers direct to their door!

Pre-entries; https://www.britishcycling.org.uk/events/details/235392/Challenge-Tires-London-and-South-East-CX-League—Herne-Hill-1?fbclid=IwAR0vezyyepr812xegWL-POtEChfAl9MB1Oxfu724MNpumVRVVjYtp6ZA-Rs

The Velodrome is in a concealed entrance in Burbage Road. 104 Burbage Road Herne Hill London SE24 9HE. Parking in the venue is limited only to organsiing teams but street parking is plentiful and as the race is a one bike race with no equipment pits, take the opportunity to ride and race.