2020/21 Calendar Update (Tier System Restrictions)

… #crossiscoming (No, really, it is!)…

After being forced to cancel round’s one, two and three, we are looking good to go ahead with rounds four and five at Herne Hill and Cyclopark!

We are currently subject to the Tier restrictions;

Therefore at Herne Hill riders will need to be BC members from the South-East region and must be either under-18 or living in Tier 2. Over-18 riders from Tier 3 are not permitted.

Whilst at Cyclopark, riders will need to be BC members from the South-East region and must be either under-18 or living in Tier 3. Over-18 riders from Tier 2 are not permitted.

With the exception of the Tier restrictions, the races will go ahead as per the rules set out on the Rules page of the website (www.londonxleague.co.uk).

Sign up will open 2 weeks before each event.

27th December – Herne Hill – Entries open on the 13th at 8pm.

3rd January – Cyclopark

24th January – Hog Hill

…plus more events to be announced through February and March! Let’s go Racing! #londonxleague

Notes from Chris;

We are living in strange times. This requires what may seem like strange actions..
1. U18s may ride at any race in any tier.
2. If a race takes place in a tier 3 area, then only adults from that same area may race.
3. If a race takes place in a tier 2 area, then adult riders from *any* tier 2 area may race. No adult from tiers 1 & 3 may race.
4. The nearest tier 1 area is Cornwall. Let us not concern ourselves with this.
With the above in mind – and with the aim of not encouraging people to traverse the country and increase the risk, we are favouring local (BC region South East) riders. We have also reduced entry numbers for each race.
What this means:
Within the new limits, we will allocate places first to SE riders IN THE ORDER THAT YOU ENTER). If there are spaces remaining (quite possible with covid restrictions) then we will allocate remaining spaces to riders from outside the region, again in order of entry. SO ENTER EARLY
If you are unsuccessful due to races being full or COVID tiers (which may change between when you apply and the race), you will not be charged.
Note: due to the admin overhead, we can’t deal with the situation where a parent is declined entry but a child is accepted but chooses not to attend. There will not be a refund in this situation. If you’re not comfortable with this, then please do not enter. We have 300+ entries to deal with.
Finally – we are only accepting BC entries for this season. We need this to have your details to meet the above rules. If your child doesn’t have a membership- now would be a good time to get one. Check for details on the BC website. For certain younger age groups this is free.