Challenge Tyres Rider of the Day at Round 2 – 2017/18

Challenge Tyres #Your challenge “Rider of the Day” at the second round of the Kinesis UK London and South East Cyclo Cross League, held at Herne Hill Velodrome on September 17.

Peter Carpenter from the Sutton CC/C&N Cycles lined up to race the Under 12’s race at round 2 at Herne Hill. This is Peter’s first year in this category and he had a solid 3rd place at round 1. The Dangerous brothers (Aka Oscar and Alfie Amey) who were first and second at round 1 had opted to ride the last round of the MSG mountain bike series instead so Peter felt his chance to reach the top spot on the podium was as good as ever.

Indeed Pete started the race very well and was in the lead for the first 2 laps, however an ill-timed puncture meant a run on lap 3 to the pits. No spare wheels to hand so his Pit crew manager quickly inflated his tyre and off he rode. Sadly this was only a temporary fix as the tyre deflated once again quite quickly. Now this could have deflated Peter’s desire to carry on but no, Peter is made of sterner stuff than that! He had to finish, so he simply ran with his bike for the last 2 laps! Great effort. Enjoy your Challenge Grifo open tubulars.#yourchallnege #kinesisuk #challengetires

Cyclo Cross is special. It brings out the very best in all of us. We all at some time have to overcome the odds and banish our personal demons to make it to the finish line. Be that minus some part of the bike, minus patches of skin or the dreaded ‘flat’, we never lose pride riding past that majestically waved chequered flag and say “I did it”. Kinesis UK recognise and respect what we put ourselves through each week and wish to award a rider at each round of the Kinesis UK London League series that displays the courage that makes Cyclo Cross racers a special breed.

For each award the selected rider will receive a pair of Challenge Griffo or Baby Limus Open tubulars. They will be presented at the start line at their next race.

Challenge handmade Tubular and Open Tubular Cyclo Cross tyres are top of the tree when it comes to quality and performance. They have been used at the highest level and won many world championships. They have a tire for every condition. If you are looking to gain that edge on the competition I suggest you try Challenge. Grifo’s are great for faster drier courses and Limus or Baby Limus come into their own when the mud arrives. Check out the range on the link below.

By Stuart McGhee