Kinesis London/SE League Round 4 – Happy Valley Preview

Round four of the Kinesis UK London and South East Cyclo Cross League to be held at Happy Valley, Brighton on 1 October 2017 promoted by Preston Park Youth CC.

We have moved round four from Stanmer Park to Happy Valley, just up the road and still in Brighton.

When we first raced at ‘Happy Valley’ after years at Moulsecoomb, Brighton, I was eager to see this seeming paradise? Maybe it was an enclave of guarded contentment or a secret ‘Valhalla’ like dell ? Well, it has parking issues and a speed camera at the bottom of the hill, and a bus route from Brighton that turns a corner and suddenly plunges downward with a massive body sway toward our venue.

The venue nestles up to the hills overseeing the sea and the course is mostly flat grassland that each year provides close racing with long strings of riders. I’ve always enjoyed the venue especially the arena area with its twists and turns, plus the changes of elevation which get the crowd cheering. In fact the event is very sociable with clubs, teams and huddles of solo’s spread out on the grass.

So in many ways it is a ‘Happy Valley’ in more than name for us cyclo crossers.

Parking is a wee issue at Happy Valley so park sensibly, with consideration for the locals and DO NOT PARK ON FALMER ROAD!

2016/17 Action
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There is entry on the day but it is more expensive and you will not be automatically gridded.

Address: Happy Valley Recreation Ground, Falmer Road (B2123), Woodingdean, Brighton BN2 6LA.

The car park is very small so please park with consideration of local people and do NOT PARK IN FALMER ROAD.

Race Times


Useful Information

MTB’s are allowed but not fixed wheel bikes.

The race start order is based upon a riders position in the tables and adjuted by the magic of Chris’ fingers, but for sporting and safety reasons we may bring people forward.

Only pre-entered riders will be gridded subject to the commissaire’s discretion.

If you believe that you should be brought forward then you must talk to the commissaire’s BEFORE they begin gridding.

We would really appreciate it if all competitors and supporters show greater care to ensure that equipment is placed in a manner that allows free movement through the pit area/s. In addition when holding a bike for a rider please make sure that you do not impede another.

We rely upon you to self-police the pits rather than place the burden on already very busy commissaire’s.

Practice Laps
No rider may undertake a practice lap whilst a race is underway unless they have the permission of the Commissaire’s and that will only be given if the last few riders are close to crossing the finishing line. NEVER overtake a rider who is still racing on a practice lap!

Rules and How do I join?
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Age Cats
For the 2017-2018 season the following age categories will apply in BC cyclo-cross events (effective from 1st September 2017):

Under 10 born in 2008 or later
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Youth born 2002 to 2005
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