Kinesis London/SE League Round 3 – Cancelled

The third round of the Kinesis London and South East Cyclo Cross League to be held at PORC (Penshurst) on September 24 has been cancelled,

This is because of a clash with the Hever Triathlon which is held over the same weekend in close proximity with our cross event. In addition a temporary road order is in place for the road outside of PORC that would have made access difficult and undermined the safety of all.

The LCCA would like to express our appreciation of the work done by so many to make this event happen and especially organiser Simon Suter who simply bent over backwards and went beyond the call of duty. Sadly it wasn’t to be.

We are sorry about this and any pre-entries will be returned.

Don’t fear, your chance to race at Penshurst can still be had when we promote Round 10 on November 25 ––se-cyclocross-league—round-10/enter

We hope you like the pictures from 2002: Ian Field, Will Thompson and how it looked back then.