Kinesis London/SE League Round 2 – Herne Hill Preview

Round two of the Kinesis UK London and South East Cyclo Cross League to be held at Herne Hill Velodrome, London on 17 September 2017 promoted by London Phoenix and Brixton Cycles.

The 1948 Olympic Velodrome was built in 1891 and is the second oldest in the World after Preston Park in Brighton. Since then it has seen two World Wars and an Olympic Games and remains to this day a vibrant cycling centre. (More Velodrome History here)

We of course do not race on the banking of the Velodrome; instead we head out on the trails and race in between traces of Olympic buildings lurking in the undergrowth.

A new pavilion and club house has showers, toilets, a café and a warm place to sign on.

Herne Hill has become an iconic venue on the season’s calendar offering a nice degree of chaos and a great atmosphere. The climb of ‘Big Bob’ being a good spot to hear and indulge in friendly banter (OK, heckling).

The course is compact featuring a grass infield with planks, a spiral (so I’m informed) and then off out to the surrounds that feature tight turns, narrow like trails, tricky ascents and stairs. It’s a course where you run your tyre pressures high (to help avoid punctures) and where patience, and knowing how to overtake can offer you great advantage over even the fastest legs.

2016/17 Action
This event was held at Jubilee Park, Leyton last season and was round 12 of the League – video etc. – GO HERE

Herne Hill recently saw action in the Fifth Floor Summer Series:

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There is entry on the day but it is more expensive and you will not be automatically gridded.

Address: Herne Hill Velodrome, Burbage Road Herne Hill London SE24 9HE.

Please note that all races will start 30 minutes later than normal because the venue is in use by another party in the morning.

10:30 UNDER 10 BOYS Male – Born 2008 or later
10:30 UNDER 10 GIRLS Female – Born 2008 or later
10:50 UNDER 12 BOYS Male – Born 2006-2007
10:50 UNDER 12 GIRLS Female – Born 2006-2007

11:20 YOUTH B BOYS Male – Born 2004-2005
11:20 YOUTH B GIRLS Female – Born 2004-2005
11:20 YOUTH A BOYS Male – Born 2002-2003
11:20 YOUTH A GIRLS Female – Born 2002-2003

12:20 VET40 MEN Male – Born 1968-1977
12:20 JUNIOR MEN Male – Born 2000-2001

13:35 JUNIOR WOMEN Female – Born 2000-2001
13:35 VET40 WOMEN Female – Born 1968-1977
13:35 VET50 WOMEN Female – Born 1967 or earlier
13:35 SENIOR WOMEN Female – Born 1999 or earlier
13:35 VET50 MEN Male – Born 1967 or earlier

14:45 SENIOR MEN Male – Born 1999 or earlier

Useful Information

MTB’s are allowed but not fixed wheel bikes.

The race start order is based upon a riders position in the tables, but for sporting and safety reasons we may bring people forward. Only pre-entered riders will be gridded subject to the commissaire’s discretion.

If you believe that you should be brought forward then you must talk to the commissaire’s BEFORE they begin gridding.

We would really appreciate it if all competitors and supporters show greater care to ensure that equipment is placed in a manner that allows free movement through the pit area/s. In addition when holding a bike for a rider please make sure that you do not impede another.

We rely upon you to self-police the pits rather than place the burden on already very busy commissaire’s.

Practice Laps
No rider may undertake a practice lap whilst a race is underway unless they have the permission of the Commissaire’s and that will only be given if the last few riders are close to crossing the finishing line. NEVER overtake a rider who is still racing on a practice lap!

Rules and How do I join?
League rules and registration information at – and

Enter at RiderHQ

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Find the LCCA event that you want to enter in the Calendar and click the link.

If you are entering an LCCA event for the first time you will be asked to register with LCCA.

After you have registered, you will be taken to the Event Details Page.  Clicks enter to go to the race page.

Make sure that you enter the correct event according to your Year of Birth.

Age Cats
For the 2017-2018 season the following age categories will apply in BC cyclo-cross events (effective from 1st September 2017):

Under 10 born in 2008 or later
Under 12 born in 2006 or later
Youth born 2002 to 2005
Youth – Under 16 born 2002 or 2003
Youth – Under 14 born 2004 or 2005
Junior born 2000 or 2001
Senior born 1999 or earlier
Veteran born 1977 or earlier
Veteran 40-49 born 1968 to 1977
Veteran 50+ born 1967 or earlier

Wherever possible, please travel to HHV by bike or train. The closest train stations are Herne Hill and West Dulwich, others are not far. For those arriving by car, there is some, but not unlimited parking available on the HHV site. Please respect the instructions of parking marshal. When parking off-site on Burbage Road, please be considerate to the velodrome neighbours.