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Round twelve of the Cyclefit London and South East Cyclo Cross League to be held at Jubilee Park, Leyton, London. Promoted by London…

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Round twelve of the Cyclefit London and South East Cyclo Cross League to be held at Jubilee Park, Leyton, London. Promoted by London Phoenix CC and CC London.



Round 12 of the Cyclefit London and South East Cyclo Cross League – January 22 Preview


Round 12 of the Cyclefit London and South East Cyclo Cross League will be held in the ‘Orient’, a stones-throw from the Olympic Stadium at old Eastway.

I began the period post the 2015/16 season putting together a feature about lost courses of the London and South East Cyclo Cross League (and the LCCA). We stopped counting at over 70 and I still get told new ‘lost’ venues to this day. The feature which you can read here ( told of local conflicts, politics and many are now unsuitable in the modern age. But as we lamented Forty Hall in Enfield with its iconic water crossing and many others, two organisers were hatching plans to visit fresh fields. The first was Charlie Codrinton of the Dulwich Paragons who eventually ran a great event at the historic Leeds Castle ( whilst, and completely against the trend of inner London venues, Chris Clague had his eye on Jubilee Park in Leyton.

In what can only be described as a course design straight out of the mind of a cross lover or maybe someone who has missed their calling as an abstract artist or graphic designer, the circuit takes advantage of every opportunity presented to maximise the terrain, this is really old school stuff and how iconic courses are born.


Our hosts London Phoenix have years of experience and it was they who made the Rapha Supercross  held at ‘Ally Pally; such a great success until Rapha ruined it. This time they are joined by CC London and although a relatively new club they have shown that their hearts, minds and commitment is in the right place by being enthusiastic supporters of the London Women’s Road Race League (

You can expect loads of supporter and cakes on Sunday! In addition to the LP’s and CC London, we will see Lee Valley Youth CC back in the League with their famous selection of delights.  Not since the days of racing at Gunpowder Park have we been so blessed.

Course Information


The park used to form part of Leyton Marshes with Dagenham Brook on the eastern side of the park forming the edge of the historical marsh. It’s been Leyton Jubilee Park since only 2012. The marsh itself is former Lammas Land used for growing hay for winter feed. Unlike the rest of the marshes, the park remains Lammas land to this day and the school in the park is known as the Lammas School.

Looking at the map the green dot is the start – just out of shot to the left of it is the pavilion which we will be using for sign on and a cake stall – it also has toilets/changing rooms. Just beyond that is the Lamas School. The event will be using the staff parking and playground suitable for about 120 cars. There is also a small (15 space) car park next to the pavilion.

All of these will be marshalled and people MUST NOT clean their bikes on the school grounds.

The finish line is on Marsh Lane as it passes through the park. This is an old road and offers the race a tarmac start/finish.


Above the spiral there are two parallel straight sections – there will be a double pit between them. The top crossing into the right field is the steps and the bottom one is a grassy slope (3m+ wide).

In the later part of the stepped approach to the steps there will be a single hurdle to force people to dismount.

All courses will start outside the pavilion on the grass section and finish on the tarmac on the old Marsh Lane pathway.

Although the mounds really don’t look like much but according to Chris, the organiser, they sap the energy and reward the strong: Rumour has it that wizard of courses, Bruce Mackie has plans that could bedazzle, bemuse or simply confound for this section.

Sign On
In the pavilion is sign on, changing rooms, showers and toilets, along with the legendary LVYCC cake stall. There is also another cafe in the park.

Under 12s
U12 prizes are very kindly being provided by Stayer Cycles of Leytonstone

There is entry on the day and MTBs are welcome.




Facebook page for news and comment –


2015/16 Results/Pictures/Video: New venue.


Don’t forget so as to speed things up to take your TAG attached to helmet when you go to sign on. You MUST be scanned!

MTB’s are  allowed  and there is entry (and league registration) on the day.


Address: Jubilee Park, Seymour Road, London E10 7B


The race start order is based upon a riders position in the tables, but for sporting and safety reasons we may bring people forward.

If you believe that you should be brought forward then you must talk to the commissaire’s BEFORE they begin gridding.


We would really appreciate it if all competitors and supporters show greater care to ensure that equipment is placed in a manner that allows free movement through the pit area/s. In addition when holding  a bike for a rider please make sure that you do not impede another.

We rely upon you to self police the pits rather than place the burden on already very busy commissaire’s.


Practice  Laps
No rider must undertake a practice lap whilst a race is underway unless they have the permission of the Commissaire’s and that will only be given if the last few riders are close to crossing the finishing line.


Start Times/Fees

Please note new start times for the 2016/17 season and the combining of the women and veteran men 50+ into one race and the veteran men 40+ into another.

category(ies) start time duration Online entry price On-the-day price
Race 1 U10 (boys and girls) 10:00 10 mins  EOL only £1
Race 2 U12 (boys and girls) 10:20 15 mins  EOL only £1
Race 3 Youth A (boys and girls)
Youth B (boys and girls)
10:50 30 mins £6 £7
Race 4 Vet 40 Men 11:50 40/45 mins £15 £20
Race 5 Women (all cats)
Vet 50 Men
13:05 40 mins £15 £20
Race 6 Junior Men
Senior Men
14:20 60 mins £9

Non British Cycling Members pay a £3 surcharge on top of entry. (not under 10/12)

All youth and senior riders must pay a £10 League registration fee at their first event.


You will need to register for the league first . The cost of registration is £10 for the full season, and this covers the cost of your number and timing chip, which you will collect at your first event and keep for the season. Members of clubs who are promoting events are eligible for a £3 discount.

U10 and U12 riders do not need to register, nor enter events online, as entry is on the day only.

There is entry (and league registration) on the day and mountain bikes are welcome.

Online/pre-Entry at RiderHQ –

Pre-Entries close: 18:00 21-JAN-2017

League rules and registration information at – and

Facebook page for news and comment –


Note: Timing System
There are a few things you can do to make it work at its best.

1) Remember to scan your tag when you sign on. The system ONLY records tags that have been scanned into the entry list at the signon desk. Even if you have entered online, you need to scan your tag else the timing kit won’t pick it up and it will need to be typed in manually every time you go past.
2) Fit your tag to the TOP of your helmet. Not the sides, or the back, or your jersey pocket, and definitely not on your bike.
3) Wear your race number on the side that the judges are sitting. As the races are starting to get muddier, some are completely unreadable at the end. We need them as a backup in case of any problems with the timing system and to make sure the finish order is right.
4) If you forget to bring your number and/or tag one week, ask for an F-Number at signon, which we have provided for this precise purpose. Handwritten numbers are impossible to read as you flash past at 20mph.
5) Secure it. Several flappy numbers last Sunday! We’ll be very happy to give you more pins if you need them.


Course Map – DRAFT



2015/16 Results/Pictures/Video: New venue.


Contact: London Pheonix



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