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LCCA Team Championships – Feb 5 2016 / 2017

The Cyclefit London and South East Team Championships to be held at Gt Walstead School, Lindfield, near Crawley on February 5th…

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The Cyclefit London and South East Team Championships to be held at Gt Walstead School, Lindfield, near Crawley on February 5th 2017 and promoted by Crawley Wheelers.


2016 Post race chat


London and South East Team Cyclo Cross Championships 2017 – February 5

The prestigious and very braggable annual cyclo cross Team Championships to be played out at Great Walstead School, Haywards Heath and promoted by Crawley Wheelers.

And as we work out who all the Team Champions are we will be presenting 2016/17 London and South East League prize across the race categories.

Address: Great Walstead School, Lindfield, Haywards Heath RH16 2QL

The 2015/16 edition was an amazing event and 200 riders took part in the senior race alone, but although all went well we had to rethink the championships.

New for 2017 is a non-championship team race where you still can bond with friends and trumpet your success afterward, but it should suit many riders better.

There are three ways to be a championship team, enter the under 12 race, the youth race and the senior title event.

Senior Title
to win the senior title you can enter a women’s team, a veteran men’s team or a junior team. In addition and new for 2017, is that the title is open to a team made up of any combination of junior, veteran and senior race categories (male or female).

Such a team would go head to head with all the squads for the 2017 title but will not be eligible for the women’s, veteran and junior titles as they are only open to single cat teams.

A team that is made up of one category only can also go for the main overall title if they get the right points. In theory a women’s team could take the title outright etc.

So on Sunday February 5 our winning team could be one made up of a women’s, a veteran, a junior or senior riders,  or one made up of any other combination of eligible riders. This should make it a little easier for some of you when putting your plans into place.

(Note: if a women. Veteran or junior team win the overall title the first full senior men’s team will be awarded  medals but the winning team no matter the category will be proclaimed as the ‘CHAMPS’ and awarded the trophy.)



Race Programme
Race 1 Under 12s – 15mins plus –  11:30
Race 2 Youth – 25mins plus–   12:10
Race 3 Team Championship – 55 min plus–   13:00
Race 4 Non Champ ‘sporting’ team race – 45 mins plus–   14:15


Race 1. Under 12s
Open to all under 10 and 12s and teams made up by riders whether boy or girl Team prizes and some spot prizes. Solo riders also welcome. (no separate boy or girls prizes).

1st Under 12 – Team Trophy + Medals
2nd Under 12 – Team Medals.

Entry on the day available.


Race 2. Youth race
Open to all riders (boys and girls) in combined under 14/16 race. Solo riders also welcome.

1st Youth – Team Trophy + Medals
2nd Youth – Team  Medals

No separate under 14 or girls prize.

Entry on the day available.


Race 3. Senior Team Champs

To find an overall senior championship team and within the race to find the championship women’s, veteran men and junior men’s teams.

Open to teams of four from the same club ONLY (i.e. no composite teams). Team members must be a first claim club member.

A recognised club or team can enter a team to go for the overall senior title regardless of the categories of the members.

Senior Team Title – any cat from senior, women, junior or veteran or senior riders only.
Women – All women categories
Veteran Men – All veteran men’s categories.
Junior Men – All junior men.

Teams made up of a single category can of course win the overall title if they get the right points. This is means that in theory a women’s team could win overall and also take the women’s title, but a senior team made up of differing categories cannot win the women’s junior or veteran title etc.

A senior team made up of seniors is eligible for the senior race (of course).

Entries will open to soon and CLOSE on Thursday February 2nd, or when 35 teams are reached. No entry on the day.

1st Senior Team Trophy + Medals
2nd Senior Team  Medals
1st Women Team  Medals
1st Veteran Team  Medals
1st Junior Team  Medals


Race 4. Non Championship race
Open to solo riders, composite, mixed teams, on the day entrants, less than three in a team and categories are as the senior championship.

There will be prizes here but no medals.


category(ies)     start time            duration               Online entry price            On-the-day price

Race 1   Under 12s (boys and girls) £1 per rider £1 per rider
Race 2   Youth A (boys and girls) £6 per rider £7 per rider
Race 3   Senior Championship     £15 per rider £20 per rider
Race 4   Sporting Team Race  £15 per rider £20 per rider

Non British Cycling Members pay a £3 surcharge on top of entry. (not under 10/12)



  1. Use your usual London League number & tag – riders new to the London League should also fill a standard league entry form in the usual way.
  2. After filling the form, take it to the sign-on desk where you must also register on the sign-on sheet.
  3. Each team consists of four riders. Each rider must be a first claim member of that club.
  4. The first three riders to finish count for the team placings. If only 2 finish, their team will be placed after the teams with 3 finishers.
  5. Each team will be given stickers, numbered 1, 2, 3 and 4, one for each race start.
  6. The winner of the race scores 1 point, 2nd place 2 points, 3rd place 3 points, right up to 200 points for 200th place. Thus the team with the lowest score wins.
  7. All rider 1s start on the front rows of the grid, rider 2s in the following rows, rider 3s in the following rows, rider 4s in the last rows.

More information to follow and if we have confused you do get in touch via –


2016 Pictures/Results/Video

The above link also includes results, pictures and results from many past Team Championship.


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